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sister named Revathi and she is my mom’s elder sister’s daughter. Since my parent often goes to native I sometimes go to her home for studying. Revathi have lost both her parents and my parents only take care of her but she wants to stay away from us so she is in separate house and she is doing her Bcom 2nd year whereas am doing my engineering 1st year. She is 1 year elder to me. She loves me very much as her younger brother and she have introduced me to all her friends as her own brother itself and she use to take me also whenever she goes for outing. She is fair in complexion and her height is 5.1 and in perfect structure and she have a big boobs as you need 2 hands to press her one breast and also the most sexy thing is that she have butt length hair. She have friend called Sandhya and they both are very close friends and she too the Xerox copy of my sister in structure and breast than her hair where her hair is knee length.
Since my parents went to native for a 1 month trip I went to her home as my parents asked me to go there and she too was happy that she has my company for her and she won’t be alone. It was semester vacation for them but my exams were going on and were not yet over. She use to sit with me in the early morning when I get up and give me company and used to teach me math’s as it was little tough for me. I always use to admire her hair and was going crazy on her hair. It was a Friday and it was my study holiday between my exams. My sister took head bath and came. Her house was a small one with a single room. If she wants to change her dress I have to come out of her home itself. She has made the kitchen also in that same room itself.
My sister said that sandhya will be coming her will I have any problem? I said no problem at all and why she is coming? She said that I want to trim my hair and she too needs a trim so only. Hearing this my cock stood straight and I just hide from my sister attention. At 10 she came and she spoke to me a lot as she knows me and I found my sister was drying her hair. Sandhya have braided her wet hair and I can see the water dripping from her wet hair. Sandhya said that she going to trim revathi’s hair and asked me can I video this hair trim? I said ok and got her mobile. Sandhya went being revathi and got the comb from her hand and she combed her hair for some 5 minutes and then got the scissors from revathi and cut 2 inch’s of her hair and then again combed her hair nicely. then revathi came behind sandhya and removed her braid and I slowly without revathi’s knowledge I smelled revathi’s hair and I was totally aroused and then revathi loosed sandhya’s knee length hair and combed it nicely for some 10 minutes and made it semi wet and sandhya said to cut some 4 to 5 inchs and to make it till her butt length and revathi too cut 5 inches of her hair and it was cut neatly and both girls have very thick hair. After that revathi throwed the cut hair to the dust bin and revathi combed sandhyas butt length hair and made into a long big braid and then sandhya got the comb and combed revathi’s hair nicely and made her hair too in the braid and then we spoke till evening having our lunch and then sandhya moved to her home.
Revathi said sorry as sandhya dint leave me to study for the whole day I said its ok dear and said that I had a nice enjoyment seeing you girls cutting each other’s hair. She smiled and said that every 4 months once we both use to cut each other hair and sandhya’s hair grows fastly then my hair nu. I was happy haring that and then she said me to study. But I was not able to concentrate in my studies and I was not studying at all and revathi noticed that and asked am I ok and why am not studying? I said am not able to study. She asked why? I said am remembering that haircut session itself. revathi smiled and asked what happened to you and said to study forgetting everything. She was cooking just sitting opposite to me facing the wall and her braid was on the floor and all I wanted was to removed that braid and then comb her hair and pour my sperm on her hair but fucking her hair badly and then want to cut her hair to chin length and fuck her pussy nicely until she begs me to stop it.
Revathi called for supper then and I din eat properly too and I din speak to her also. She cleaned the kitchen and sat near me and asked what happened to me why am not normal? I said that please don’t ask me anything then I will say what I want. She pulled my chin towards her and then said seeing my eyes ASK WHATEVER YOU WANT AM YOUR SISTER AND SURELY I WILL GET YOU WHATEVER YOU ASK FOR. I asked her to promise surely she will get me nu? She said to ask anything within 25000rs and I said that I does not need money and I want 1 thing which you have on your own and asked her to promise her now. She promised that then surely she will give whatever I ask for,
I caught revathi’s hands and said her ” am daily admiring your hair and masturbating in bathroom minimum 5 times a day and today seeing you both cutting each other’s hair am not able to control itself I always thing to cut your hair but today someone else is cutting your hair but am taking video of it. I wanted to cut your sexy hair little by little till your shoulders but before that I want to make love to your hair and want to enjoy your hair nicely and then want to cut your hair and have pleasure in it.” Revathi was hearing my mouth opening and was seeing me itself. I remained her about the promise and she said she need some time to think. I said ok but I will not study till it happens and closed all the books and kept aside. Revathi begged me to study now and let’s do that all later but I refused it and said I will start studying only after doing that all. She kept quiet and she went to bed and I too slept.
Next day too nothing happened and I din take my book itself and the next day was Sunday and she sat next to me and said I have decided to accept what you said. But she was very upset and she said that I should get 90% in all subjects and then only she will be happy else she will not talk to me then after. Promised that I will get above 90% in all subjects and she smiled and pulled her braid front took my hands and kept her braid in my hand and said that this is your hair from now onwards and you can do whatever you want and this one day I will obey all you ask to do. I was very happy hearing that and she said that I have to do all what I want to do today itself and should forget today itself and should study from tomorrow. I accepted and she was sitting just opposite to me by now and am holding her hair which she have given me in my hand and I smelled it and she was just seeing what I was doing and it was a sexy aroma and then I bite her braid badly and she said that she have never seen such a hair fetish and pinched my cheeks and smiled.
I removed the hair band which she used to hold her hair in the bottom of the braid and then I slowly loosened her hair and she was seeing all what I was doing and she asked DO YOU LIKE MY HAIR AND HOW IS IT? I said its gorgeous and sexy and I wanted to enjoy it very badly now itself. She said that she loves her hair very much and she said to enjoy her hair slowly and thoroughly and she too needs pleasure from her hair. I asked how she will get pleasure. She said that she like if someone comb her hair and said I should comb her hair I said ok sure and took a stool and placed front of her and asked her to sit on the stool and she smiled and sat on the stool and I went behind her and pulled her hair backside and I took the comb from the shelf and stared to comb her hair I combed her hair for half an hour and I split on her hair and made my saliva all over her hair and then made her hair in hair bun and then in pony tail then in tight braid and then again combed her hair and then I combed her hair nicely once and then dropped the comb down she saw the comb down and asked what’s the next plan I said MASSAGE she smiled and said to do it. I slowly inserted my hands inside her scalp and then slowly and softly moved to her scalp and then pulled her hair very softly and now my revathi got aroused and I can sense she was breathing in a different way.
She started to moan little loudly by this time and I din stop it I started t pull her hair little badly now and she was moaning both in pleasure and pain. Slowly I started to move my hands to her neck and shoulder and then rubbed for some time. She was moaning badly by this time and was enjoying so much and then I slowly inserted my hands inside her tops and felt her breast and she caught my hands and tried to pull away but I started to press it and she couldn’t stop me so she let me to do it as she was enjoying nicely now. I pressed her breast nicely and slowly removed her tops and removed her bra also and she itself helped to remove her tops I went to her front and kneeled and sucked her breast and started to bite her breast and she pulled me and lied in the floor and her hair was spread around her and I came over her and I divided her legs and press my cock on her pussy over her dress itself and she couldn’t control itself. She just left her hand inside my inners and she caught my cock very tightly and said YOUR COCK IS VERY BIG ABD I WANT IT IN MY MOUTH WILL YOU PLEASE GIVE IT? I said sure and I got up and she kneeled down and then she removed my dress and made me fully nude and then kissed my cock and then took the cock inside her mouth and then started to move inside her mouth and I loved it. I caught her hair tightly and was enjoying her sucking and in few minutes I was above to cum and I took it and pumped it badly on her face and she loved it. She opened her mouth and got my cum into her mouth, face and also on her breast. Then she again took my cock inside her mouth and cleaned my cock for the cum in the tip of the cock. 
Then I came over her and slowly inserted my cock inside her pussy and it was very very tight and I was feeling painful and she too was and in few minutes I was very happy that I can feel my sister bleeding and I was happy that my sister was virgin and I took her virginity and then she cleaned the blood and then I fucked her nicely till 2 o clock in the noon in all the styles I know. I cummed 3 times inside her and she too cummed 3 times and she enjoyed nicely. We both were lying on the floor and she was lying next to me and she was saying that she liked this day very much and had a sex pleasure for the first time in her life and she was feeling very happy. I asked is she satisfied. She said she is fully satisfied and got up and took my cock inside her mouth and again started to give me a blowjob and in the middle she stopped saying she don’t want to waste the Cum and she want to drink each and every drop of my cum I said ok and she again started. In some few minutes I said to her I am above to cum she started to move my cock very fastly and I loaded another load of cum fully inside her mouth and she drank it fully without wasting a single drop of it.
I kissed her forehead and then we both went to take bath and had fucking session there also for some 15 minutes and then we both came out and she got dressed and then I went to hotel to get lunch as she was very tired to prepare. W e had our lunch and all our completed by 3. She sat next to me and asked so what next? I smiled at her and said haircut. She too smiled and said am ready come on cut my hair. I again removed her dresses and then pressed her breast for some time and she said that her pussy is paining and I should not fuck her in this session I smiled and said ok and then I too removed all my clothes. She have wound a cloth on her hair and made it into a bun after taking head bath. 
I removed her hair bun and then dried her hair a little and started to comb her hair and as she said she got aroused when someone comb her hair. I said to her that I want to make love to her hair and she said to do it badly. I made her hair to bun and then started to fuck her hair and she could feel my cock moving in and out of her hair bun and in 5 minutes I was above to cum and then I removed her bun and combed once and then pumped my cock badly to split the cum on her hair. Huge load of cum split on her hair and I loved it very much as the jet black hair had white patches here and there. She got up and went front of the mirror and adjusted the mirror and saw the white patched in her hair and said that she is very happy of growing her hair and kneeled front of me and cleaned my cock from my sperm. Then I took her to bath room and made her to sit under the tap and on the tap.
Then made her hair fully wet and poured lot of shampoo on her hair and washed her hair nicely and then again poured water and took a towel and wiped her hair to semi wet and I enjoyed washing her hair. She said that at the age of 6 her mother washed her hair after that now I only washed her hair and she hugged me tightly. I too hugged her and she din leave me itself and I slowly left my fingers between her legs suddenly she stopped me and smiled at me and said to cut her hair. I made her to sit on the chair and then combed her semi wet hair and caught her hair till her mid back that is above some 15 inches of her hair and took the scissors and said that am going to cut till your mid back she said to cut it slowly and I started to snip. I took 4 minutes to finish the cut as her hair was very thick and I gave the cut hair to her and just shake once and then thrower on the top and I came and fall upon us and around us.
Then I combed her hair nicely and then placed her hair to her chin and she asked this much short eh and you said you will cut till shoulders only? I said to her chin length bob will make you more sexy and I want to make it short so let’s cut short. she was shocked still she accepted then I slowly started to snip her hair from her chin and now little by little her hair was falling on her lap from her head and in another 10 minutes I finished her hair cut and made her butt length hair to her chin length. Once I finished she ran to the mirror and she saw her hair and was saying her hair is very short and within that I went behind her and started to press her breast and she turned and started to kiss and we both lied upon her cut hair and we had sex for another 1 hour.
Then she cleaned all the hair and thrower in to dust bin and then I started to study and I said to her that I want to cut sandhya’s hair also like yours. She said ok she will arrange for that soon and asked me to study

mom haircut and sex

My mom name is sowmya she is very beautiful white texture, good structure and most attractive part is her hair. Her hair was very thick, silky, long and shiny jet black till her butts. It moves like a snake near her butts. This story is about how I seduced my mom to cut her long hair upto chin length classic bob. Coming to the story:
Till intermediate i used to study well and I used to be first in the class. When i joined my engineering i am not studying well and concentrating on other activities Mostly i used sit in internet and watch hair cutting videos sex videos hair cut stories etc.
Once my mom caught me seeing all these but that day she dint talk to me. Even i dint talk to her due to fear. Days went on mom only broke the silence and asked what happened to me and said she was worried about my behavior. She said in this age children will go into so many fantasies and so on u should not be like that till now you r a good baby now you are changing what’s your problem express with me, because you used to be more close to me i am like your best friend na u have to share with me i cant see u like this if u have any problem tell me i will solve it if possible express it son.
But i dint say anything and some more days passed. One day my engineering 1st year results came and i failed in two subjects. On that day my mom got very serious and beat me. I cried and went away from home whole day. Next day morning i came home and she was waiting for me, when i came she hugged me and gave kiss on fore head and crying because i am the only son i consoled her and she consoled me and asked what’s my problem. I told mom i will tell my problem to you but you have to solve it and you should not scold me. Mom said tell i will not scold you. I asked to promise me to solve that problem
She promised me and i started to express my inner feelings to mom.
Mom first of all i loved u very much i liked u very much, But recently i have observed some fetishes in my self. I thought it is my problem but when i searched internet they are so many people like me and understood that it is not a problem. I developed my desire and fetish towards you whenever i see u
mom: Ok tell me the exact matter what u want to tell.
Me: I thought for a while and told i have a fetish towards u to cut your long hair and also want to have sex with u. She was shocked and raised hand to beat me. I stopped and told you promised me. She stopped and started crying what is this how are u talking like this to your own mom why you became like this son and She went in her bed room and locked the door. I went to my bed room and i was in fear that she may tell to dad all thoughts are running in my mind with that thoughts like that i slept.
In evening mom cam came and waked me up. But i was in fear, She asked me to come for dinner. I went to dining room but i cant see her face directly. She kept the food in plate and started to feed me
i saw mom and said sorry and started crying she consoled me and said i.e not your problem baby i.e human nature dont cry leave this topic and eat food. This topic was left for few days. I am going to college daily and days are going on.
One day at night mom called me and asked how are your studies? I said ok. But mom showed the mid marks to me and asked what these marks but i dint answer after some time she asked what i want to do. Do u want me to have sex with u tell. I was little bit afraid and said no
mom: What you want then tell how you can concentrate on studies tell what i want you to do
Me: I gained some courage and asked first i want to cut your long hair she stopped talking and full of silence in the room after a while she said ok. How much you want to cut. I said total
Mom: Total means do u want to shave my head or what?
Me: No i want to cut your hair in short boy cut.
Mom: Ok i will agree you can cut my hair. I was surprised and my face was full of happiness and excitement and i stood up to bring comb and scissor. She stopped and told me you can cut my hair but on conditions, If it is ok for you than u can cut it as much u want
Me: Ok mom tell me the conditions i will agree for that
Mom: Condition1: if you pass all the exams in this sem u can cut my hair till mid length. Condition2: If you get good percentage and good marks in every subject you can cut my hair till shoulder length. Condition3: If you get topper in class you cut my hair till neck level. Condition4: If u get topper in college you can do want ever you want with my hair you cut my hair as much as you want or if you want you can shave my head also. If you fulfill any of these conditions i am ready to loose my long hair son. Tell now its your turn to decide. Bcz i dont want to loose my long hair simply. Win the bet take my hair
Me: I thought for a while and said ok mom i am ready u be ready to loose your long hair. But now i just want to touch it once and kiss it plz she said ok, that day i touched my mom hair. I opened her braid and combed her hair for an hour. Mom said its all enough for this day from now onwards your time will start so study well get good marks and take my hair.
That three months i studied well without any other aviations and got first in the class. That day i was very happy and showed the results to mom and said to be ready to loose her long hair. She got very excited and said i know son you will definitely achieve it so I am prepared for that and ready to loose my hair for you dear. I jumped with excitation and hugged my mom and kissed on her cheeks and said thank you to mom and told her to be prepared. I went out to my friends gave treat to them and returned back in the evening at 7:00pm. I rang the bell mom opened the door and got surprised and shocked to see mom. She took head bath and her hair was wet and tied in loose bun. I went inside the house closed the main door and took mom to the bed room.
I opened her hair bun and smelled it. Total room was with good aroma smell even my dick got erected by seeing such a beautiful hair. I brought one stool made her sit on that and brought dryer and started to dry her hair, next i placed a big cloth on the floor and kept table on that and made mom to sit on it. When she sat her hair was touching the floor it was awesome to see that hair. I went to dressing table and collected the comb and scissors and came to my mom. I went near her and combed her long hair. While combing i opened my pant zip and kept some of the hair in that and feeling it and combing mom hair after some time i brought out my penis and started masturbating and very soon i cummed on her hair. I have cummed a lot than before. Mom asked what are you doing without turning back i said just combing. Mom: Cut the hair what u r waiting for? Me: Today your hair is mine i have to enjoy it to my extent dont disturb mom plz. Mom: Ok son but do it quick even i am waiting to see my new hairstyle after many years i combed and took the hair upto mid back and snipped it cruck cruck cruk it took five minutes to cut her hair u can imagine how thick it was and how I was feeling while cutting.
Now the butt length hair which is touching the ground was cut to her mid length and fallen on floor
mom saw that hair and tried to took in her hand but i stopped and said dont take that hair if u want cut your hair with your hand and take it. (Bcz some cum is there on that hair na thats why). Again i combed her hair and made into two partitions and told her to cut one partition of how much length she want to cut and gave scissor to her. She took her left hair bunch and cut her hair till shoulder level and dropped it on her lap. Now it is super to see mom left hair cut to shoulder length and right side it was till mid length. It was an awesome feeling at that time now i combed the right side and cut it till shoulder length and dropped it on her lap. Now her lap is full of hair. Now mom said are u satisfied son.
I said no mom balance is there still i have to cut it to neck level. Mom: Its enough son u have cut most of the hair. Me: No mom i will not agree if i have lost the condition what u have kept will u agree me to cut your hair. Definately u will not agree so now i will not agree. I have to cut it till neck level. Like bob cut till neck length. Mom: Ok son your wish i have lost, So i have to do what you say. Me: No mom u r not lost you made your son won. If ur son wons means you also won na. Mom: K cut it then u r convincing me son. Then i combed my mom shoulder length hair for some time and made some hair to front to cut bangs and cut her hair just above her eyebrows and gave front bangs. Then slowly i trimmed some more to give some short bangs till fore head. Then i again combed her hair and cut it to neck level. Then made her hair even and trimmed it to get a classic bob. I told to sit her and i went to bathroom and brought the razor. She saw it and asked for what? I told to wait and see. She was trying to get up from stool but i stopped and asked why? Mom: First tell me why you brought razor then only i will allow u to do any thing. Then i said i want to shave ur neck which has some extra hair plz allow she said ok and told me to be careful son. I applied some water at neck area and shaved her neck by giving a good sensation to mom. After that i asked mom that i want to shave your armpit hair also plz allow. I think due to the sensation i created on her neck she agreed soon. I told to open her blouse. She opened her blouse and she was in bra. Her boobs are portending out they were stiff. I think she was aroused. So then i applied some water to left armpit and shaved it. After i again applied shaving foam and shaved it smooth. Same process done to the right armpit. She was very happy and hugged me with that excitation. Her boobs are touching to my chest and my dick is getting more harder. I again went back and combed her hair and trimmed at ends and said to mom your haircut is finished now you can get up and see in mirror.
Mom got up and all her hair falling from her lap that total bottom cloth is covered with her hair. That was an awesome seen. She saw in the mirror came to me and hugged me. Mom: You gave me a beautiful experience son thank you sooooo much. Ask what u want. I will give u anything u want. You made me so beautiful I liked the hair style I am looking so cute than before. I cant recognize myself my age is reduced like a college going girl. Thank you sooo much son ask what you want…..
Me: I smiled and said you should not tell no when i ask you. She said ask i will give it. Ok mom grow your hair back till butts again. But every month i will trim your hair comb your hair till it grow to your butts. And what i want is i want to have sex with you badly and want to cut your hair while having sex. That time i want to cut your hair in boycut. She thought for a while and said ok son anything for you. But by the time my hair grow till that length it wil take 2 years mostly so in these 2 years your engineering will also get completed you have to get good marks and you have to settle in good job then i will agree for that. From now you should be on that bcz i kept my word you should also do it. Me: I said ok to mom and hugged her. After she went for bath she came out with wet hair water dripping i only dryed and combed her hair.
Now at present my mom hair grown back to butt length and I am waiting to have sex with her and give a boy cut to her


My mother’s name is savithri and she is a rapunel. She loves her hair so much and takes care of it very well. She has knee length hair and her hair is dark black color and is very very thick and her hair is in same thickness from her scalp to the ends. I always play with her hair without her knowledge when she sleeps and masturbates badly thinking like playing with her hair with her knowledge and cutting her hair little by little. I have a neighbor aunt called anitha and my mom and she are very thick and close friends. Mom trust anitha so much and anithas only trims my mom’s hair. mom trims her hair.She trims once in two months.anitha too have long hairs till her butt. I have not even got a single chance of seeing my mom getting her hair trimmed since she gets her hair trimmed when all are out but she doesn’t do it purposely but it happens so.
It was one Friday as my mom took head bath and was getting ready to go to temple. I was in home as it was my sem vacation. My mom asked am I not going anywhere outside? I asked why she said that usually I will go so asked. I said today going to rest in home. She asked can I give company to her to temple. I said ok and I too bathed and came. When I came I saw my mom combing her hair and just put a hair clip in the center of the whole length of her hair and asked me to get ready soon. I just left and got ready and went to temple with her and came home. Coming home she removed her clip and then made her hair into a hair bun and started to do her house hold works. Dad was out of town so me and mom had our lunch and she cleaned the kitchen and said me to sleep. I said I want to watch TV and said am not sleeping. She went to bed saying she feeling head pain so she going to sleep for some time. I said ok and was watching TV.
After few minutes I saw my mom’s hair clip which she removed few hours before coming from temple lying near the TV. I went near it and saw 3 hair strands in it. I just smelled it and it was aortic and it was clinic plus shampoo and I licked the hair clip and I was aroused and thought to play with her hair. I slowly went inside the bed room and found she was sleeping in the bed and she was lying in the edge of the bed and she have removed her hair bun and her hip length hair was hanging down the bed from her head. I want to snip her hair just like that and make it to fall on the floor. I slowly went near the bed and took a comb and then sat on the floor near her hair. I took her hair in my hand and smelled it and mu cock was fully erect and wanted to load my cum on her hair. 
Her hair was so soft and silky and I combed her hair with my fingers for some time and then took the comb and caught her hair in her half length tightly and then started to comb her hair from that half length so that I won’t pull her hair and will not wake her. I combed her silky hair for half an hour and then I sensed that she going to wake up so I moved out to hall and sat watching TV. Thank god in few minutes she got up and came to hall putting her hair in bun. Then we had coffee evening together and then we was watching a English movie in TV. She got up and went to the bed room removing her hair bun. I wanted to see her hair combing but don’t know how to enter the bed room. For my surprise she came in front of the mirror placed in the hall with a comb and started to comb her silky hair. It was awesome to see her combing her hair. I was able to hear the sound of the comb going through her hair. She combed her hair dividing her hair in the middle and took her hair front side and combed her one side for 5 minutes and then combed another side for 5 minutes and then pulled all her hair to her right side and combed her hair nicely and then pushed her hair backside and then combed her hair again. 
She left her hair loose and went outside. Usually she never goes like that and I could hear her closing our gate. So I went and peeped outside seeing where she was going. She went to nithas home and anitha came out and she spoke to mom for few minutes and went inside where as mom was standing front of her door. Then I saw anitha coming out and both came near anitha home gate and anitha got the comb and started to comb my mom’s hair and akshaya got gave the scissors to my mom. Their voices were audible to me. anitha said that “ akka we have very long hair for a long time. Why can’t we go for a short hair once? ” mom said that she likes her hair very much and she don’t want to cut short. anitha  forced my mom a lot to cut to mid length but my mom refused it and asked to cut 1 inch of her hair alone. After some 15 minutes of anitha combing my mom’s hair she cut 2 inches of my mom’s hair and it doesn’t made much difference.
 Then she combed the hair nicely and then mom got the comb and then she spoke to akshaya for some time and came to our home. I went to hall as if I don’t know where she went. Once mom came to our home I asked mom where she went? Mom said that she went to anitha’s home. I asked why? She said simply only and went front of the mirror. I don’t want to ask any more questions further so I kept quite. She just saw her hair nicely and then combed her hair and braided her hair and when she going to put the rubbed band to her hair she said 2 inch’s she have cut. I asked her what happened. Then mom said that she went to anitha’s home to get her hair trimmed. She said akshaya to cut 1 inch only but she have cut 2 inch’s. My cock got erect hearing mom talking about hair to me.
I asked mom to turn and she did. Seeing her hair I said that I don’t make any changes mom you have longer hair still. She smiled and said that anithaa always want to cut my hair short. I asked her why so? Mom said doesn’t know every time when akshaya trims my hair she says to get my hair cut short. I asked mom why you don’t go for short hair style mom. She asked why I want her to try short hair style. I said that since my childhood you having same hairstyle and for a change you can go for a short hair style na mom? Mom asked what I mean by short hairstyle. I said she needs to get her hair cut till her shoulders. Mom smiled at me and said anitha wants to cut my hair only till waist but you asking to cut till my shoulders itself eh?
I asked mom can I explain you the hairstyle. She said ok. I said I want your hair to be loose to explain it so shall I remove the braid? She said to explain with braid itself. I said then I won’t. She smiled at me and said ok to remove her braid and turned and stood showing her back to me. I saw her gorgeous hip length braid with neatly cut ends. I pulled the rubber band out and then I slowly loosened her hair and then fully loosened her hair. Then I took her front of the mirror and then divided her hair and put on her front side. Then I came front and asked how much anitha wants to cut? Mom caught her hair on both sides till her mid length and sad this much. I caught mom’s hair till her shoulders and said that I want you to cut your hair this much mom. Mom was shocked seeing the length I asked to cut. She said that she will try hip length itself but I said to cut till her shoulders and to try layer cut for the remaining hair. She asked what layer cut is. I know anitha can’t do that but I said to mom to say to anitha and she will do it. Mom said that she don’t know that all and then started to braid her hair and went inside the kitchen to do her works. My cock was leaking badly but my heart wants a result for my talks till now. I went inside the kitchen and I was amused to see my mom. 
There is a mirror in the kitchen and mom stood front of that and have pulled her braid front side and caught her braid and using her fingers she was cutting her hair from her shoulders and was seeing. I was seeing from the kitchen door and was smiling at her. Once she noticed me standing she smiled back and said that you ready for the cut? She said she will think about it. I said ok. Next day morning me and mom had our breakfast and I was watching TV and mom came to hall mirror with a bottle of hair oil and removed her hair bun and started to apply oil to her long hair. I asked mom what you have decided about the haircut. Mom said that she is scared that shoulder length haircut will suit her or not. I was happy hearing her reply. I said that surely layer cut will make you suit it. She said ok and asked which parlor to cut? I said that in parlor if you say shoulder length with layers they will cut till your chin length mom. Mom asked what to do? I asked her can I cut your hair mom please. She asked whether I know to cut hair in layers. I said yes. She asked me how in surprise I said that I have seen it in YouTube. 
She thought for a while and said that she is happy that first time in her life a boy is going to cut her hair. I smiled at her and asked when shall we cut? Mom smiled saying my boy wants to cut now itself eh? I smiled at her. She said that lets cut tomorrow as she will bath to her head. I too said ok that night I din sleep itself. I was thinking her itself and masturbated 3 times. Next day mom got up before me and for her surprise I got up at 6.30 itself and mom asked why I got up soon? I said I din feel sleepy. Then mom cooked breakfast for us and I noticed that her hair was in bun. Then we had our breakfast together and then she cleaned the kitchen and then said that she going to take bath. I said her to take bath for head. She asked why then she remembered about the haircut and said ok and smiled.
She came out taking bath after 15 minutes and she worshiped god for 15 minutes and then stood under the fan and removed her hair bun rolled with towel. Her hair was pulling me towards her to cut it. Her hair smelled beautifully and it was clinic plus shampoo she used. She wiped her hair nicely with towel and I was observing all what she was doing. When she saw me I suddenly turned watching TV as if I didn’t notice her. She called and turned and stood and asked is this wetness you need for cutting hair? I got up and touched her hair and I got shock in my body and my cock stood straight and I can’t control myself. I said the hair should be fully dried. She said then let’s cut after lunch and put a hair band in the center length of her hair and went inside.
I went inside bathroom and masturbated 2 times and then cme out. Noon we had our lunch and I noticed that her hair had dried completely. I was just waiting for her to call me. After cleaning the kitchen she said that she going to sleep. I said ok and she went to sleep. I was angry on her that why she can’t sacrifice her sleep for today still I didn’t show it out. By 4 evening she got up and there was only 2 hours left for 6 as my mom won’t cut her hair after 6 evening. Once she got up she brought a comb and stood front of me. Seeing her cock got erect. She said let’s cut my hair and where let’s cut nu. I said here it and I want you to sit in the chair. She asked why sitting all and she said she will stand and she said to cut like that itself. But I said that for cutting in layers I have to divide your hair so I want to see you top head so I want you to sit in the chair. She said ok and I kept the stool in the centre of the room and it doesn’t have back rest so it was nice to see her sitting in the chair. Then I removed the hair band in the center length of her hair. I got the comb from her said to mom that “mom am going to cut you knee length hair short. Thank you for letting me to cut mom”. Mom smiled and said you are my son and will do anything for your happiness. I asked her will you do anything for my happiness. She promised saying she will do it. I said ok and said that mom i want cut u r hair to short bob. She got confused. 
I started to comb her hair. There were so many tangles in her hair after some 5 minutes of combing all her tangles was removed and now it was easy for me to comb her hair. I combed nicely and said to mom that her hair is very nice and I liked it very much and said it’s so soft like silk. She said that so only she is growing her hair long. I smiled at her and said in few minutes all these silk will be on the floor. She too said yes and said to cut soon as she wanted to see her new hair style. I combed her hair and make her hair braid loosly from asked why are u making braid.i said iwant keep your braid.she smiled and said ok.mean while i complete braiding and put band just below her hips.and i take few snaps of her braid for last time and got the scissors  and started to snip her braid .mom closed her eyes.i felt entire length of her braid It was so soft but very thick i put scissors at base of her braid and started cutting im in heaven I took 13 snips to cut that  her braid.finally the braid came off. I dropped that hair on her lap and said it’s your hair take her braid her cutoff braid in her hands.
I combed her remaining hair and asked her to touch her hair. She pulled her hair and said that she have only shoulder length hair and she said is the haircut done? I said no. she said not to reduce anymore length instead to add layers to her hair. I remained about the promise she made few minutes before. She said that surely she will do anything for my happiness and asked what she wanted to so? I said that I wanted to see you in short hair style. She said that now she has short hair style only. I said I want to see you in full short hair style. She asked what you mean by short hair style. I said I want to see you in chin length hair style? She felt worried and asked why I want to cut that much short? I said I always wanted to see you in boy cut but you won’t allow for that so only I wanted to cut in chin length and begged her. She at last said ok and said to cut like bore all at once.
I said ok and combed her hair nicely and place the scissors in her chin and then asked mom shall I snip? Mom said yes. I started to snip and little by little her hair started to fall on her lap and in few minutes again her shoulder length hair came to chin length and once I finished I combed her short hair and said that she is looking cuter now. She smiled and went to the mirror and said it’s very new to her as she has not seen her like this. She then cleaned all her hair from the floor and throwed into the dust bin and went to akshaya’s home and akshaya was stunned seeing mom’s new hairstyle. After half an hour mom came to our home and I asked what akshaya said seeing the new haircut. Mom was happy saying she liked it very much and said mom looks more beautiful than before now. imom give her beautiful braid to me and said son keep this thanks for new hairstyle.inever grow my hair.
Mom felt little convinced now and she seemed happy

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Rajaram's Daughter's Headshave

Rajaram is a high class rich man. His wife banumathy is also very strictly in following the rules of her caste. They had three daugthers. Named - Radhika, Renuka, Rekha. All the three were very beautiful.
Radhika in her 3rd Final year of B.E. Very beautiful - having her hair just below her hip which is very thick and long. Renuka - 2nd Year of B.E. She is also very beautiful - having long hair upto her knees which is very thick, shiny and long then Radhika. Rekha is the younger of all - beautiful then the other two and also having long and thick hair below her knees - studying +2. She daily wearing double folded braids for her school. When her hair is folded and double braided it longs upto her hip.
Both three girls loves their long hair very much. Their life going smoother. Banumathy their mother is very strict. But taking care of the three girls very well. One day Rajaram saw her elder daughter Radhika is travelling with a guy in bike when she normally at the college time. She din’t noticed that her father seen her. She was sitting on the back side of motorcycle holding her hands on the guy who is driving that motor cycle.
Rajaram got shocked and irritated by this Act. He doesn’t did anything. Just returned to his residence and call his secretary Mr. Murugan and tell about the incidence and ask him to enquire about the boy secretly. Mr. Murugan also enquired about that guy who take Radhika with Motor Cycle. Mr. Murugan told to Mr. Rajaram that guy is from a lower class - who is staying near the coovam side one small hut with his mother and his sister. He don’t have father. That guy is not a good guy having so much of bad habits. That guy loves Radhika mainly for her wealth and her beauty. So he won’t want to Radhika at any reason.
Rajaram got very angry on his elder daughter action. Then he takes a decision. So he then make a conversation with his wife and his secretary about that. First they did not agree but after Rajaram’s point they agree for that. So he called Mr. Murugan’s wife Mrs. Poornima for help. Mrs. Poormina have maintaining a good relation ship with both the three girls. So he asked her for help and told about his plan. Poornima is a average lady but having long, nice and shiny hair upto her hip. But Murugan already shaved his head in a temple just a week ago.
Mrs. Poornima accepted that. The four people (Rajaram, poornima, banumathy, murugan) waiting for the time to work out the plan. Radhika returned from college to home very earlier. Mrs. Poornima taking coffee for her. She enters Radhika’s Room. She gave coffee to Radhika. Then she started to take Radhika’s Bride in her hand and just said to Radhika that “Your hair are so beautiful. Make it more beautiful by cutting your front hairs as i saw a model in TV. Its very glamorous”. But Radhika said “Mummy won’t give permission for that”. But Poornima said “I will get permission for your mother for that cut”. Radhika said “From Mummy, No way”. But Poornima said “When we are watching a serial in TV a Actress cut her front hair which is ur length hair - Seeing that Ur Mummy said that it is very superb. So permission from your mummy i will get it. But you agree for that front haircut - OK”.
Radhika said “If you get that permission I will ok for that”. Poornima was in happy because their plan works out. So she said to Radhika “Wait I will return in few mins” and goes away from Radhikas Room. After a few mins she returned to Radhika’s Room and said “Radhika I got the permission. Ur mother said ok for that”. Radhika was happy. But she did not knows about the plan of them.
She also told that your mother also coming with us. Radhika asked “where do we can cut front layers of hair”. Poornima told that “I know a young man who is running a saloon near the end of the street. I have cutted my daughter’s hair there. Visiting Parlour is more expensive. Just front Bang Cut Only. So visit there and cut the front bang there”. Now Banumathy coming in is also accepted that.
Radhika is also says ok for that. So Banumathy told Radhika to refreshen up and get ready for the saloon. Ok says Radhika. At that time Rajaram along with Murugan goes to the barber shop run by the young man and told him that three ladies come there very shortly. So make a headshave for that girl who is young of all without her consiscence. Kumar who is running a barbershop at the end of the street of Rajaram House. He had a eye on the hair of three girls as well as Banumathy who is also having long hair. But he did not know who is going to headshave whether the three girls or relative of Rajaram. So he is eargly waiting for that three ladies.


From Barber Kumar Point of View Now - on :
Waiting for that three ladies my face became bright when I saw that elder daughter of Rajaram coming along with Banumathy and Poornima. I acted without knowing anything of their plans. When the three entered my saloon poornima who asked me that can you cut the front bang of ladies hair. I said yes. Then she turned to Radhika to came front. Seeing her i become very happy. Just told hair to sit on the chair.
She sits of the chair. The other two is waiting at the back. I told her to put the braid in front because when she sit on the chair her hair also on the back between chair and her body. So she pulled her braid to front. Seeing her long hair i was so much excited. Said to her to open her braid. She asked why to open the braid. I told it is very easy to excute the front bang with equal trims. She said ok.
She began to open her braid. I was amazed to see her long hair opening. When only she opened the band at the bottom of her her i asked her to free her hands. She asked why. I will now open your hair with backside. She said ok. I opened her hair. It was very thick and long. After opening her long hair i spreaded the hair on her back.
Taking water sprayer i sprayed on her head. She asked why are you spraying water in head. I said it is easy to manage the hair with cutting. Then she didnot asked any question. I drenched her hair a lot. Then i take a comb to manage her hair. I just combed her hair. Then take a scissor and asking her how many length it should be the front bang. Poornima came between us and said this is the length. I said Ok.
Then combing her hair making a double pony tail on her head. Radhika asked why u r making ponytail with rubber band. I said its easy to pull the hair which was to be cutted and the other hair or safe. She said Ok. Then i take a classic knife which was i already loaded with new blade without her consiscence. Then I made her head bow toward ground. Came in front of her just nodded her head down. She realized that some thing is going happen. She just looks at my hands. She was shocked. Because i am ready to shave her with knife. She just get irritrated and refused and shaked her head.
She asked me “Why are you handling knife and what are you doing with my head? Did you want to shave my head.” She turned against Poornima and asked “what is this? - I won’t lose my hair and I don’t shave my head”. Telling this she got to relieve from the chair. But this time Poornima and Radhika’s mother suddenly pulled her back to chair. Now Radhikas mother said to me “Start your work”. But Radhika shaked her head and shouted “Mother - Don’t cut or shave my head” and she shaking her head. I won’t get a chance to start the shaving. At that time Mr. Rajaram along with Mr. Murugan entered the shop. Mr. Rajaram told Murugan to hold her head without shaking.
Radhika get shocked about their decision. Her expression now turns into cry. She is crying “Don’t shave my head - I won’t.” She started crying loudly. Mr. Rajaram got irritrated with her cry. He took a scissor which is on my table, give it to me to cut the hair and then make shave. Radhika refused to cut or shave. Rajaram is now holding her hands, Mrs. Banumathy holding her legs, Murugan holding her head and poornima is holding her in the chair.
I also said some irritations will be appear when the hair is cutted and shaved. So I will shave her hair with double pony tail. Rajaram said Ok. Then I started to shave her head with double ponytail. I put the knife on the centre part of her head on partition of hair and started to move there. White patches appeared. I moved knife on her head very fastly. Hair began to hang on the pony tail which I ready maked on head. Radhika have no option to move her head. A Bunch of ponytail is fallen on her right side. Right side is completed. I took the ponytail and placed on the mirror table which is placed before her. I stared to shave on the left side now. She become very guilty and she did not say anything. But she is crying. Left side ponytail is now released from her head. After 15 mins I finished shaving. Rajaram asked me to shave reverse with knife for smooth.
Revathi did not tell anything. After reverse shaving she move from the chair and ready to back to her residence. Rajaram payed Rs. 100 for shaving. I received the amount. All left from the shop. I was the only person in the saloon. I took the 2 ponytails and joined that together. Its very thick and very long. I think if i sell that to hair wig maker definitely its worth a minimum amount of 20,000/-. I was happy about that. I only charged Rs. 100/- for Shaving. I feel that the financial problems for this month is over.
After that incident of headshave after two days I came to know that Revathi run away from her house with that guy. I feel very sad about that. Then again after 2 days i came to know that the younger girl Rekha have also a love affair with her school mate. She is also ran away from her house. I got shocked about that. After 1 week i came to know that Rekha got caught by her father and his servants and taken back her to home. When I hear the news on a day morning Mr. Rajaram and Mr. Murugan came to my saloon. I was busy with a customer. When he came he asked me “when you are free”. I said from “afternoon 3 pm i am free”. He said “Come to my home and there is a work for you”. I said “ok. I will there by 3 pm Sir”. He said “Nice. Can I make a remember of that.” I answered “Sir I will be there by 3. So no rememberance required for me”. He said ok.
After he returned back I finished my work by 1 pm and taken my lunch. After some relaxation i watched the time. Now 2.25 pm. I thinked about what sunderesan said. I come to a conclusion that there should be another long hair headshave. I become excited. I already know that the younger of the three girls having that long hair of all. I think that she caught by her father. So he decided to make a headshave or haircut for her. I thought that. Time pass away. Now i watched the time. Its 2.50 pm. I already arranged my tools that is scissor, knife, blade, comb, water sprayer and all the things for shave and cut. I started to move towards Rajaram house.
I reached there by 2.53 pm. I knocked the door. I heard the sound that sunderesan asking Poornima to open the door. Poornima opened the door. Saw me. Then she guided me to the main hall. At the main hall Mr. Rajaram, Mr. Murugan and Mrs. Banumathy was taking with each other. On seeing me Mr. Rajaram came near to me and asked whether i brought the equipment for shaving. I said yes. I asked Mr. Rajaram “which one is to get shaved”. He said “I will tell you - did you want anything for shaving”. I said “yes, i need a bucket of water”. Now poornima moved towards a room and get a bucket of water for me. I sit down at the corner of room and make arrangements of tools for shave.
Mr. Rajaram came near to me and said “Shave me”. I was shocked and I was in absence of mood. Because I already thought that the young daughter of Mr. Rajaram should be shaved. I was in sad mood. Mr. Rajaram sit before me. I drenched his head with water and started shaving. I finished his headshave within 3 mins. I again shave his head for smoothness. After finishing his headshave he said “Make your tools to shave some other persons”. I get a brighten mood with his words.

At that time Mr. Rajaram’s younger daughter Rekha is just come out of her room. I noticed that she had taken her head bath just few mins before because she is woring a towel on her head. She is shocked to see her father bald and noticed that i am sitting down at there. She is reacting very shockingly. Rajaram called his younger daughter Rekha to came near him. She is moving very slowly towards him with very sad and shocking expression. Then Mr. Rajaram asked Rekha to sit before me. Rekha refused asking why and started crying. Rajaram in shouting manner “Do what i say”. But Rekha refused. Rajaram told that “If you do what I say then I will make after 3 years the arrangements to marry the guy which you love. Other wise i will send my persons to kill him with his family”. Rekha got shocked and said “No. Don’t do that. I will do as per your words”. Rajaram and Murugan moved away from the room saying to “Poornima - you will take care of that shave. We will be back again in 15 mins”. Poornima replied ok. Banumathy saying that she is going to kitchen.
Rekha slowly began to sit in front of me. She is crying sitting with crying eyes. I noticed that the towel on her head is in very huge shape. I was very happy and excited. I thought that the hair was also very long and thick. I nodded her head down and to open the towel from her head. Poornima got noticed and move towards us and she helped in open that towel from Rekha’s head. Poornima just releasing the towel from Rekha’s Head. Now her hair released from the towel and falling down. Rekha is crying too much. Now the total towel is released from her head. Her hair is wet and hanging front and back. I again noded her head to down and start partitioning the hair from back to right and left side. I wish to shave her with full length hair straight away. So I gathered her hair two sides. Then I take a comb to comb her hair.
Poornima noticed and came near to me and told “Do you want any help”. I said yes. She take another comb and partitioning the hair from left and right side. Now the hair is partitioned. Then i asked poornima to comb that right side and i was combing Rekha’s hair in the left side. Rekha had a huge massive and long hair. So i was very difficult to comb her hair. After making freely combing of her hair then i asked Poornima to make a braid on right side. Poornima asked why. I said “the length is very long and the thickness is very massive. If we make braid on each side then it is easy to shave Rekha’s Hair. That’s why i am telling” i replied poornima. Poornima said “OK. I braid on right side. You make the braid on left side”. Now i was making a braid on the left side. Poornima braiding the right side hair. After 5 mins of braiding we finished braiding of Rekha’s hair and folded that braid and put a band at the end of the hair. Now Rekha is in double braid
I am very much excited to see the length of the braid. Rekha is sitting in front of me. Her half braids on each side is on the floor. Another half length is hanging in each side of her head. Just imagine the length. I just now nodded her head to the ground and take a mug of water and pour on her head. Her hair is already wet. I also drenched the hair roots. Then i take a knife put a blade in it. On seeing it Rekha cried loudly. I downed her head a side and started to shave her. “Scrhhhh” the sound on her head make a white patch on her head. I started to shave her slowly. It was very difficult to shave her because her hair is very thick. Started on right side i shaved it completely. Now the braid is falled on the ground. 
Then i make a move to shave her left side. On seeing her hair in the ground she cried continuously. But i don’t care about her cry. I am very much interested in shaving her left side. After 15 mins i completely shaved her. Mr. Rajaram and Mr. Murugan returned back. On seeing the shave is completed Mr. Rajaram told me to make smooth on her head. I repeated the process of shaving. Its very smooth. Mrs. Banumathy also returned from kitchen. Then Mr. Rajaram asked Banumathy that “Did you also want to shave your head”. Banumathy replied yes. 
Rajaram told me to shave Banumathy head. Banumathy came before me and sat down. I asked to open her hair from band. She is also having long hair upto hip but not so thick. She just opened her hair. I noded down her head and started pouring water in her head. After making massage to her hair roots with water I separated her hair into two parts and make knots on each side as headshave take place in Tirupati. Then i guided her down and started to shave her. It is very easy to shave her. Within 5 mins I completed the shaving.
So i thought that i completed the work. So I put the two braids of Rekha and Banumathy in a bag and began to pack up my tools. Mr. Rajaram come near to me and said “just wait for 10 mins. You have to shave another one”. Then I got some exclamations and noticed Poornima. I asked him “Who is the person”. He replied that “wait for 10 mins. That person will be here within 10 mins”. I got confused about that person. So i am eagerly waiting for that person.
After 10 mins Renuka - the second daughter of Rajaram returned from her college. She noticed that her mother, father are bald and shocked and also noticed me. She don’t tell any thing and entering her room. Rajaram asked poornima to call Renuka. I was so much excited and think that she is the person for headshave. Poornima just entered Renuka’s room and returned with her.
Renuka was a little bit afraid followed Poornima. Rajaram told Renuka to Shave her hair. She was shocked to hear this. She said “No Daddy. I am a good girl. I have no love affairs. I will concentrate only on studies. No. Don’t shave my head”. But Rajaram replied that “I know that you are concentrating on your studies and you are a good girl. But this is the punishment for you for not telling me beforely about the love affairs of Radhika and Rekha which you should know about that earlier”. Renuka said sorry for that. But Rajaram said “You should accept the punishment of shaving your head. Otherwise I won’t allow you to continue your studies. You will be here at the residence and I will make arrangements for your marriage and you should be married earlier”. But Renuka said “Daddy i will study well and became a industrialist. That is the dream of me. But don’t gave any punishment dad”. She started crying. Rajaram was very confident with his decision and said “Go and shave your head. That is the only way to continue your studies”. 
Poornima and Banumathy also told Renuka to shave her head. She started crying and poornima moved Renuka towards me. Renuka sat before me. I just watched Renuka’s Hair. It is Single braided hair upto her knee length and also thick with Jasmine Flower on her braid. Poornima just take Renuka’s hair from her back and started to unbraid her hair. I just stopped Poornima in doing this. Poornima asked why. I said I will shave with that single braid. Poornima said Ok. Then i started noding Renuka head down. Take a mug of water and pour on Renukas head and started massaging her hair root. Then i put a new blade on knife and watched the face of Renuka. She is now crying loudly. I started shaving her head from the front left side. Her hair is now fully drenched with water but neatly braided. So I started from the front of her her head and started shaving left side. She is crying. White patches began to appear on her front left head. I slowly shaving her head. After a few minutes of shaving front leaf head i slanted her head and started to shave her right front side. Now the hairs are hanging on the centre of head. Small and tiny hairs fallen on her saree which is she wearing. After completing the front side I asked her to turn back and sit down. Now she slowly turned back. Tears are rolling on her eyes. I just watched her back side hairs. It is neatly braided with jasmine flowers.
As she turned back i take a mug of water again and drenched her root hairs. Then I started to shave her back. Its amazing to see the hairs releasing from her head and hanging on the braid. I started to shave very excitingly. After a few minutes i thought i have to finish and release the braid from Renukas head. I just pull the braid. But it wont come. Some small layers of hair on her head is not released. Then i shaved that hairs also. Now her braid get released from her head and get freedom from him. Its very long and thick. I started so smoother her head. Within 3 mins i finished in smoothening her head. I finished that shaving also. I realised that the shaving work is completed.
Then came a tragedy. Mr. Murugan asked poornima to shave her head. She asked why. He answered that all the people in the house is bald except Poornima. So he decided to shave her head also. First Poornima not agreed for that. But after compulsion of Murugan that his Master Mr. Rajaram family total bald the girls will be jealous of Poornima’s Hair Poornima agreed to shave her head. But she told she can be shaved by her wish. Murugan told ok. Then Poornima sat before me and told that “She can be shaved with double bun either side”. I said ok. Then poornima began to release her braid and loosen her hair. Now i watched her her. It is also thick and long. I make two parts of her hair. I asked her to turn left side. I hold the left side hair and make a tight bun on her left side. Then i asked her to turn right side. She said leave that right side and shave with loosed hair. I said ok. Then i take a mug of water and began to drench her hair roots on the right side. After messaging her hair roots on the right side and just pour water on the left side bun and just shake the bun to fetch the water.
Now I put another new blade in my knife and hold her head and asked her to which side i will start shaving. He said that left bun side. So i started to shave on the centre partition of the left side. I already put the bun in very tight. After i started shaving the bun began to loosen up. After several strokes of knife on her head the bun is now falling on her lap. So i just turned her head to the left side. The hair drenched with water on right side got dried when i shaved that left side. So again i take a mug of water and drenched her hair. Water is falling in strokes on her head. She said to start that right side. I started to shave. Hairs began to fall on her laps continuously. She noticed. Some tears came out of her eyes. After a few mins I finished shaving her head completely and smootly i started to collect the loose shaved hair. After collecting that i put a rubber band on that bunned hair and loosed hair together and put into my bag.
Rajaram was very happy with my shaving effort. So he paid Rs. 1000/- for that work. I collected it and returned to my saloon. After that i closed the door of saloon inside and took the collected hairs and put on the table and seeing it. I also took the ponytail of Radhika which is in the saloon and also added that to this collection. I seperated each ones hair to loosen hair separately.
Rekha’s Hair is the longest of all the hair i ever seen. It is also very thick. Next to that Renuka’s hair is long. Then Radhikas hair. But Poornima hair is very shiny and thick. Banumathy hair is long but normal thickness. I am happy to process the head shave for five long hair ladies. Then I took all the hairs to my friends wig shop. He is very excited to see such long hair. He appreciate me for shaving the hair directly from root tip. Then I sold the hairs. Its cost nearly Rs. 1,15,000 income for me. I am much happy in that. I am eagerly waiting for another turn of long hair ladies headshave. I will narrate if i get another headshave of ladies.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Real Headshave Experience

Hi, I am ratul working as a telecom engg. Since from childhood my best friend none other than gorgeous lady. As the time passes out we are build our career both. From same school, collage. she is very beautiful looking with long hair. and she is very naughty also.after finish schooling we both got chance in same collage. and we take a rented flat. as we grow from childhood we both rely on each other.and our family also know they are not interfere in between us. as the day’s goes on we both devote to our study. i don’t really look at her.we both share our knowledge all the time.In Sunday we use to take our lunch in home.we both prepare hand to Sunday after finish my bath I go through the newspaper.certainly my eyes stuck on her.after taking bath she is combing her beyond knee length thick hair.i was really astonished to see her beautiful thick long hair that I was not noticed in past days.i was not look anywhere until she was finish her combing.As a telecom student we have PC in our room.we both share the PC.

From that day I really getting love of her thick long hair.she also don’t know that I love her gorgeous hair.but I dream about her thick mane all the time.after that day I always look at her long hair.i was get mad about her hair.

One day I came back from collage early and find the long hair site in the internet. Certainly I find various long hair site. Though we both share a single room.both of us have a duplicate day she come early and saw that I am browsing the long hair site.that time I am bit uncomfortable.gradually she knows that I like her beautiful hair. One fine morning she asked me to give me a head massage ‘I have very much headache’. I said ‘no prob its my pleasure’. That time I am eagerly wanted to touch her beautiful long hair. I sit on her back and slowly give her a nice head massage. She also hesitate to tell me that she is not maintain her thick long hair properly along. She need some help of others to maintain her hair. After she knows that I am mad about her hair. One day she shyly told me to comb her thick long hair. I was started to comb her almost floor length thick hair. I slowly comb her hair and its takes almost half an hour to finish it. After that I make a big bun with her gorgeous hair.Then she told me please make a beautiful braid. I started to do it. So from that day I got the job of her hairdresser. And I am very much satisfied to do this.

Like these almost six months are gone. One Sunday I working with my PC. Certainly she asked to give a oil massage to her hair. I said it’s ok. After finish the oil massage as usual I make a big bun of her hair. Then she said wait for moment. I am waiting. She go to room and take a scissors. I am quite dumb at this moment to see the scissors. She gave the scissors to my hand. My hand is now shivering. Then she told me to cut the split end of her thick long hair. Then I loose her big bun. And comb once more to make it straight. Then I told her to keep sit straight. After that I was started to cut her split end hair. It was a big opportunity for me. Slowly I finished my work. Then she look at mirror that is It maintain straight. Then she gave a sweet thanks and told me ‘u save my money and time’.

After finish our collage. We both got job in different company. But we stay together in that same flat. And everyday I used to comb her long thick wavy hair. And I was used to that. B’cus I am very much mad about her long thick hair. One Friday evening we both go for shopping. As we both have holiday in Saturday and Sunday. We both almost finish our shopping then she told me to buy a straight razor. I buy it to thought that she have some work with that. After finish our dinner like other days comb her long thick hair and make a big bun. Next day morning I am doing some pending work. Then she came with two mug of coffee. We both share our experience about our work. Certainly she slowly told me that she want to shave her head. I look at her. I don’t believe my ear. I told her ‘why??’. She told me that she want to offered her hair as he got the job. I strongly insist. And I told plz don’t do this with u’r beautiful hair. Now I knew that why she buy the straight razor yesterday. I told her what u’r family member said when they knew that. She told me that she already got the permission from them. But I still insist her idea. And she told me tomorrow she will do the shaving. And she need my help. I said what type of help? She told me she want to shave her head in my hand. I told her I cannot do this..plzz go to any perlour. And once more I want to convince her ‘why she want to loose her glory’. She don’t reply me. To thought that she will shave her hair tomorrow which I touch, feel and maintain for the last two years. I cannot believe. Then she give the comb and told me comb her hair. Slowly I combed her thick long floor length hair. I thought today is maybe the last day of my daily work. After combing give her oil massage of her glory. And as usual make a big bun. Then she requested me to wash her hair. I said ok. She came with a bucket of water and bottle of shampoo. I unloose her big bun and slowly poured water in her head. Then I added the shampoo to her hair. It’s a lifetime experience for me that I couldn’t describe. To wash her thick hair take almost half h hour. Then I wrapped her hair with towel.

After finish I was go through the daily newspaper. Then we both take our lunch. After finish of our lunch I sat idle and thought tomorrows event. Then she come in varandha and unloose her big bun from towel. The long thick black hair falls like waterfall and I was watching this. Sunlight directly fall to her hair and her silky thick hair is shining. My eyes was stucked In her hair. I again request her not to shave. I know that once she decided. She give the comb and requested to comb her silky hair. I touched her hair and feel more silky then ever and I played her hair. She also enjoyed. That night I played her hair again. And this is may be the last time for me to touch, feel her long thick hair. I played her hair till the midnight. At 2:30 I got to sleep. But I could not sleep.

Next day is Sunday. I used get late in Sunday. certainly she come with cup of coffee and called me up. She was wearing a milk white salwar and her thick long shiny hair almost covered her body. Still now I remember that moment. Then we take our breakfast. And I go through the newspaper. Now it is 10:00 am. Then she said can we start. I don’t replied. I was really dumb at this moment. She take a new box of blade , the straight razor , scissors ,comb and a bucket of water. She said can we start. She sat on high tool. I loose her big bun. Her long thick hair touches the floor. The thick black long hair now flowing on her back. This is the last time I combed her glory. And really I feel it in my heart. I combed her thick long hair almost half an hour. Then took scissors to cut it short to manage it properly. But she said “don’t cut it u just directly go for shave”. It is quit difficult to shave her thick hair. Then combed her hair into two part. She was quit excited and thrilled about her new head shave.

I poured some water in the left part of her hair. And started to massage as because her hair is very much thick and heavy. I continue the process about to fifteen minute. Now her weated hair is flowing in her back and front side also. I took a new blade from box and fitted to straight razor. For the last time I feel to touch her thick long hair. I asked her “are u ready?” she shyly replied “ok”. I started from back. Slowly her long glory is falling on the floor. As the razor goes from back to front. Now big bulge of thick hair fall in her lap. Her left side is almost shaved. Bulk of thick long hair is scattered on floor and on her lap. I poured water again and shave once more of her left side for clean shave. Right part of her hair is untouched. I am feeling bit tired. Because her hair is to much thick and long. I requested her for a cup of coffee. She got up from high tool with her half shave head and came back with a cup of coffee for me.

After finish my coffee I again prepare for rest of her shave. She again sit on high tool and I started to massage her hair with water. After 5 min her hair is bit soft. I changed the razor. And take new one. I started shaving from back of her head. After 10 min I completed her shaving. Once again I changed the razor and give her complete full shave.

Now she at mirror and give me thanks and hug me.

This is one of the lifetime experience of my life. And I am one the lucky person that I have got such a good friend.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Aarthi is studying 12th STD; she had gorgeous and long hair. Everyday she wearing twin braids and went to school. 2 yrs before she maintained her hair with nice bobcut, but once she finishes her 6th std, her parents not allow her to cut her hair. Initially she feels bad for her growing her hair, but once she grow her hair mid length she herself like her longhair. Because her hair very shiny and long. Everybody in her school jealous about her hair. She also have head weight about her longhair. The annual examinations are finished all of her friends are happy for their 2 months summer holidays. So on the school final day everybody chat with each other, all of them talking about vacation plan. Aarthi said I don’t have any vacation, because next year is very important for me, so I will join any coaching class.

After their long discussion everybody left the school. Aarthi come to her house, her mother asking about her exams she said she wrote excellently surely she will pass. So her parents are happy. Then she asks her parents for any summer vacation trip. They said they are planning to tirupathi for tomorrow, she is asking why we going to tirupathi, they said because of your tonsure. Actually we are planning your headshave next year, but next your you will join any college, so it’s not look good to join college with bald head, that’s why we proponed our trip. Aarthi got shocked her father’s decision, she said no chance daddy, because I had long hair, I don’t want to lose my hair, but her father said this order, because already we vow your hair to tirupathi. That’s why we are not allowing you to cut your hair for the past 4 years. She fight with her parents but her father said we are starting tomorrow morning and finish your headshave and come to Chennai then you can join any coaching class. Aarthi cried whole night, her mother convince her for tonsure.
Next day morning her father mother and Aarthi starts their trip to tirupathi. On the way also she is ask her father for not shaving her head, but he is not convince. They reached at afternoon, and they went to cottage and refresh. And 4 pm her father ask Aarthi and her mother for tonsure. So both of them started. They reached kalyanakatta her father bought tonsure token for Aarthi, not for her mother tonsure, her mother asks her father I will also shave my head, but I don’t want Aarthi’s headshave, she can cut her hair, but he said no way, we came for her tonsure only, so don’t convince me for this. After that he ask Aarthi to stand in the queue. Before her 3 of them waiting for their tonsure, but all of them men, she is the only girl in the queue, so she had nervous about her headshave, but behind her one female with 35 yrs waiting for her tonsure, she had midlength hair, she wet her hair, her father ask Aarthi to wet her hair, She also done the same thing. Her hair is very long upto her thigh.
Then another 5 mins Aarthi’s turn, she sat in front of the barber, her father gave the tonsure token to the barber, then he pour water in her long hair, and put two knots, her father asks pray “govinda , Govinda” she also said the same. By the time barber put halfblade in the knife and start shave her middle of the head, Aarthi bend her head and crying a lot, her lap full of her long hair, but he doing the headshave sincerely, another 2 mins Aarthi went bald. Then she touch her bald and come back to her parents, and she is cries and asks her parents, “so both of them happy” her mother cover her bald with thupatta, but she remove the thupatta with little angry. Then they went to darshan, and came back to Chennai. After this also she is not believe her she finish her tonsure, all the way she cried a lot.
Next week she joined coaching class, and next 2 months she studied. After 2 months her school got opened, she went to school with bald head, but she had very short hair, all of her friends and teachers also shocked her bald look. And asking about her headshave, she said, I can’t concentrate my studies due to maintain such a long hair, so that’s why I shaved my head. Everybody appreciate her decision. Then onwards she grow her hair very short only, after her tonsure she is not speak to her father, she maintains boycut style for the whole year.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Dancing cobra rests in hand bag by Kalyani

I am a good looking young girl having a very long free flowing raven black shining hair. My hair stretches up to buttock level and moves like pendulum on hips when I am walking. People say that my hair looks like a dancing cobra. while men go mad and crazy looking at my hair, girls feel zealous and envious.

     I have recently attended an interview for secretary post. The interviewers told me that I fulfill all their requirements but there is a peculiar hitch. They said I have to be modern but not orthodox looking girl. They said the job would be mine provided I change my hair style-similar to Marylyn Monroe hair style. They said the job gets very high remuneration and left the choice to me.

      I have discussed with my parents, they initially objected but I have convinced them that it is the fashion. I have told them that celebrities like Persis kambata, Protima Bedi, Rekha and Shabana Azmi had their heads tonsured for high remuneration roles. JayaSudha, Sita and Amala had their heads clean shaven for religious offerings. Sarika, for the sake of fun, had a clean shave.
My parents agreed for a change of my look.

       I went to a beauty parlor for change of hair style. The hair dresser said that Marylyn Monroe hair style needs conditioning from root level, means that present hair had to be totally removed and fresh crop has to grow and conditioned. I had to have a clean shave and nurture new style. I have to choose either long hair or career. I preferred career. The hair dresser fixed appointment next day.

     That night I barely slept, fearing how it would be-whether pain full or tolerable pain-how to show my bald scalp to others, but having decided for career I have made up my mind to enjoy every moment of it.

     Next morning I have applied shampoo,probably for the  last time blow dried my long hair, twined it in to two plaits, then went to beauty parlor.

The hair dresser smiled at me as I sat for planning the tonsure.

      I have requested hair dresser to first separate my hair length wise,put a rubber band around, cut it with scissors so that I can collect and preserve dry clean hair and later tonsuring can be done with blade. The hair dresser accepted and straightened my hair opening the plaits. I admired my image in the mirror-round head,surrounded by thick black cloud of hair-soon it would be gone. Hair dresser kept her left palm on my head holding the scissors in right hand asked me whether there is any rethinking.

      I have shown her photo of Rekha with clean shaven head. She got the message and made few clicks with the scissors then made first contact with my hair on fore head. FUT one tress has cut off and fell on my lap, one after another soon half of my fore head was looking like a black lawn. Hair dresser completed her task fully and I have collected my once asset. Thus first part of my makeover took place.

       Then I have requested hair dresser-as I want to enjoy every moment-to tonsure my head with all her creativity. She said she would make left half of my scalp to look like a chess board and right half like a foot ball. She inserted brand new blade in razor made a few polishing moments and shaved a square on left side then left a space to indicated black square. like that my scalp was made to look like a chess board on left and like a foot ball on right. Both of enjoyed the look. I touched clean white square and sponge like black square.

       Then the full tonsuring began, blade went through all black squares soon full moon like white scalp appeared. let me tell you it is like a refreshing massage, I particularly enjoyed when blade was behind my ears and neck. There was wet ness between my thighs. I had a peculiar pleasant feeling when my head was forcibly bent and blade moved on my neck area.

       Then a new blade was taken and I had a re run in opposite direction to make sure that shaving is complete and nothing is left.

       My tonsured head is shining under halogen lights, sandal paste was applied and I had a cool sensation. I have waited till the paste dried, then had a wash and took out black fur cap to cover my bald scalp.