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Old Customs in India

When he was 12 he found out that some sensation always happens to him whenever the hairdresser Ramu visited their home for the family's bimonthly haircuts. As Ranjit was born and brought up in a joint family where the family head was his father's elder brother, there were in total 13 members in their family and all residing under one roof. There had always been a strict rule regarding hairstyles in their family, as all the men and boys were given a military cut every fifteen days by Ramu and he had strict instructions that not a single hair should remain more then 1/4" on the head of any male member, any shorter was not pointed out.

Ranjit was very much fond of his grand mother. He felt great excitement whenever his grandmother asked him to oil her head, because she was bald and was not allowed to keep her hair as it was a tradition and cultural practice in those days in some part of India. Women have to shave off their head after the demise of their husband. This practice was only amidst upper caste Hindus of India and that too was concentrated in particular regions.

After his haircuts Ranjit always watched all of his family member's haircuts including the shaving of his grandmother's pelt. Her head was also shaved every fifteen days as some short strands of hair emerged from her pelt every fifteen days. The young girls under the age of 10 of the family (there were only two of his cousins under the age of 10) were given monthly trims by Ramu, their hair was kept short up to their neck, so that it was manageable for them. Once they started to grow older and approached their puberty time they were not allowed to cut their hair as now their hair was only for their future husbands and the longer and thicker their hair, the more beautiful they will look. In those days marriages in India were arranged by elderly people. One of the most essential features of selecting a bride for their groom was how beautiful hair the girl had.

Ranjit's elder brother was married to a very beautiful young girl - her name was Prava. She also had very beautiful long hair which was almost up to her knees. She always wore her hair in a single plait and it took almost an hour to tangle free her hair and make a nice single plait. Everyday Ranjit watched her in the afternoon when after housework she relaxed in her room and at that time she did her hair. Her hair was straight and black and was very thick. Ranjit always wondered how she would look without her hair. And always dreamt that some day he will get a chance to stroke her hair and also to cut it. He got very excited by imagining this.

One day his elder brother went to the city for some work, he was supposed to be back on that day itself but he didn't came back alive, he died when the boat in which they were crossing the river sank midway and all the passengers in the boat drowned. The news created a shock wave in the family. Prava, on hearing the news, fainted. His body was recovered from the river and was burned. The whole family was in grief. Next day morning many relatives and friends came to give their condolences and also to be present to view the ceremony where Prava's hair was to be shorn off. As per the tradition from now on Prava could only wear a white sari (six yard cloth worn by Indian women). Ramu was called to complete the ceremony. Prava was upstairs in her room, Ranjit was told by his mother to call Prava downstairs. Ranjit went to her room and called her, she was lying on her bed and her flowing hair was not plaited as in grief and sorrow she had not taken care of her hair, it was all around her cascading like a river. Ranjit, who was now 16 years old felt a bulge in his stomach and he got an erection immediately just thinking that her hair was going to be shorn. He called her but she didn't respond, he came near her bed and touched her, she was in sleep, probably after so much shock and deep sorrow she must have fallen asleep. Ranjit knew that the ceremony will take some time to start as many of the relatives had still not come. He also knew that no one was going to come up as they all were busy downstairs taking care of arrangements. He slowly touched her hair and lifted the mass of her hair very slowly and steadily, oh how beautiful her hair was he thought, he started to stroke her hair gently. She was only 18 years old and now for whole of her life she will repent and would have to stay in a corner of the house and follow all the deeds which were to be followed by a widow in those days.

An idea came to Ranjit's mind. He slowly got up from her bed and closed the door from inside. He went to the Prava's dressing table and inside a drawer found the pair of scissors which Prava used to cut clothes and other things. It was a scissor with six inch long gleaming blades. Ranjit thought that if all her hair was to be cut, then what was the harm if he could also cut some hair from here and there and also so that no one would come to know that hair was also cut before.

He had seen this ocassion before when his neighbour was dead and his wife's hair was cut, he was present at that ceremony and had closely watched the proceedings. The grief-stricken neighbour's wife was brought to the place where the ceremony would be held, the barber was sitting on the floor with his box of tools. The lady also sat on the floor before the barber facing her back towards the barber. The barber brought out a pair of scissors and comb from his box and started to cut her hair. It was scissor-over-comb technique, he was cutting hair very close to her scalp and was doing it very fast.

Ranjit remembered the scene and was sure that no one was going to notice that he had cut some hair. He lifted her hair and started to cut very small sections at a time and also was trying to cut from inside the mass. Snip, Snip, Snip, the sound of scissors and little pulls in her hair awakened Prava, she was surprised to see that Ranjit was sitting on her bed with a scissor in his hand and also with some locks of her hair in other hand. She didn't understand what was going on then all of a sudden she started to scream, "Don't cut my hair, please don't cut my hair." Ranjit immediately had an idea - he very quickly placed the scissors on the table and inserted the cut locks of hair in his paints pocket. He then opened the door of the room and started to call his mother and aunts. Two or three women of the family came hurriedly and asked what happened. Prava was still shouting like a hysterical patient, "Why are you cutting my hair?" and "Don't cut my hair."

All those who were present thought that she was shocked to hear that her hair was being shaved off so she was shouting and didn't want to cut her locks. This also happened many times as many women did not want to shave their heads but other family members forced them to do so. Ranjit's relatives thought that Prava was also not ready to part with her hair and as per tradition they will now have to force her to do so. His aunt and his elder sister entered Prava's room and forcefully lifted her from the bed but she struggled very much and was impossible for two of them to get control of her. Seeing this Ranjits aunt called him and told him to help them take Prava downstairs. They both caught Prava by her hand and Ranjit was asked to push her from behind. He held Prava by her hair and forced her downstairs in front of Ramu. All the relatives were present, Prava was still crying and shouting, "Please don't cut my hair," but Ranjit's sister and his aunt held her hand firmly and he was very tightly holding her hair from back. His aunt then told Ramu to start his work.

Ranjit was enjoying a lot as he was holding her hair and was sitting behind her. Ramu approached with a pair of scissors and dug the scissors in her hair just above his grip. The grip suddenly started to loose as Ramu cut and cut and cut, loose hair strands were filling his hand, he was enjoying the cut. Prava was still sobbing and Ranjit was holding her hair so hard that his face was facing the ceiling of the house. As the last snip was made by Ramu on the hair which was in Ranjit's grip her head came down. All her hair was now covering her face and was only up to her shoulders, some strands which were not under the scissors properly lay long. It was a very cruel and uneven cut, she was sobbing. But the final jolt was yet to come as Ramu brought his straight razor out from his box. He also took a leather strip and started to rub the razor on the strip. After some rubbing he checked the edges of razor and asked Ranjit's sister to bring some water. Ranjit's sister brought a bowl of water, Ramu took some water from the bowl and sprinkled it on Prava's head to wet the hair. After wetting her hair he picked up his razor and asked Prava to turn and face him. She was sobbing and Ranjit's aunt almost pushed her and turned her to face Ramu. Ramu with his left hand pushed her head in front of his face and sectioned her front hair from the temple of her head and the scratching of razor began. Ranjit was very close and was watching the scratching of razor. Wet strands of hair were falling in Prava's lap. A path was created between her hair, and her centre parting dissolved as it turned to a very big parting now. Within 5 minutes all her hair was gone, she was watching helplessly and was looking like a dressed chicken with hair all around her. Then for the final time Ramu once more wet her head and shaved her head to smooth.

This is a thirty-year-old incident - all these things are of old days. You will be surprised to hear that Ranjit married Prava 10 years after this incident. He still has the hair which he cut on that day. Now Prava has grown her hair again and it is now past her shoulders and is given a monthly trim by Ranjit. And she knows that Ranjit feels great after giving her a cut.

Vidya's Vow

It was a new experience. Here is the way it happenned. I went there with two of my friends & my cousin. We went to into the cottege first. Took some rest. My cousin thought it may take a long time (Even a day) in the queue for darshan. As one of my friends has reservation next day to hyd, We thought of doing soon. My cousin went out to get some snaks for us. We were a little nervous. It was alright till my cousin told us about the darshan. But as soon as we decided to do it soon, Face feelings were changed for all of us. So we were discussing on who does it first because of the nervousness. Finally my cousin came in. We had the snaks & went into the queue. When I was in the queue my cousin told me he also is going for headshave.

So we thought of seeing him first & then decide who does it first. It was just 1 hr in the queue. My cousin bought 4 tickets & we went into the hall. We saw one girl getting the shave. When we saw,the shave was almost at the end. That was the first time we saw a fresh bald girl. We all went to the same barber. There were two boys before us. While they were getting shaved we decided I should go after my cousin. First my cousin sat for the headshave. We all were watching him. The barber did wet his hair & shaved him in 2 minutes. He stood up & gave some money to him & told him it is for all of us. After him, Barber asked me if I & my friends are going for the tonsure. I said yes. As I was in plait, The barber asked my friend to go first becuase her hair was in a ponytail. So she sat first. She untied her pony tail & gave me the rubberband. The barber asked me & my friend to release the plaits. while releasing the plait, we saw my friend's shave. Barber did wet her hair for a minute. Then parted it into middle & made two knots on each side. My cousin gave him all the blades & the barber started the shave by keeping the razor on the back of my friend's head. He shaved her hair on the back first. It was fun to see my friend's scalp. Then he shaved the front side. Then the right side by bending the head towards left & then the left side. Then he saw some leftover hair near ears & neck. He then shaved it clean. He touched her head & did the whole shave again on her shaved head. It was done & she got up. She had a nervous smile & we felt her shaved head.
Then I sat before him. As I had knee length hair, My hair was lying on the floor. He changed his blade. He said I have very long & thick hair. He parted my hair in the middle & made it into two halfs. He said my hair is too thick & told me he will cut a liitle hair on the back first. He asked my friend to lift up a little portion of my hair on the back. Then he stood up & did cut the piece of hair my friend was holding. He then sat & did wet the hair a lot. He took a lot of time wetting my hair. He said he joined there recently & didn't shave this thick hair till now. He did part it again in the middle & made two knots on each side. He kept the knotted parts on my lap because they were touching the ground. He then bent my head & kept razor on the top & shaved it towards the neck. I just closed my eyes & was praying God. I started feeling a little sad but I convinced myself soon.
After a while, Barber asked me to bend my head towards left. He started shaving the right part of my head. After a while, I was asked to to bend the head towards left. After some time, he touched my head at various places & shaved it again. Then he said it was all done. I did open my eyes & all my hair was on my lap. The barber took it out of my lap & said again my hair was very beautiful & he said I will get hair on my head very soon. I just smiled & Thanked God for fulfilling my request. I then stood up & felt my head. It was different. My friends also felt my head. After that my other friend sat before the barber. He did wet her hair, parted it into middle & made it into two knots & did the shave in the same way as he did it for my other friend. After it is done she stood up & we all went to cottege. We took bathe. It was the first time I could finish my head bath fast. After the bath we made some fun of our new looks. After that we went for darshan. For some reason I was very very very happy when I was reaching the temple. I thanked God again & enjoyed his beautiful statue. The darshan was only for a minute. It was not sufficient. After the darshan we went back to cottege. We had dinner in a restaurant. We came back to cottege & slept. As there was no rush in the moring, We had darshan again next morning & left to tirupati. We had some fun time in tirupati at my friend's house. Had lunch there & went to railway station to give send off to my friends. They left to hyderabad & we came back. 

Cut my hair

Priya and I have been married for three years and we have been enjoying every second of our married life. I am working in a bank and she teaches English in a reputed school. I like Priya for her positive attitude, helping nature and sense of humour. But when I fell in her love at first shght, I didn't know any of these qualities. It was her long and raven hair that attracted me much. I am a great hair enthusiast and naturally her gorgeous hair attracted me. I first saw her in one of my cousin's marriage. After some time I proposed her and she also agreed to marry me. Thus we married in December,2003.

      I brush her silky hair whenever I get an opportunity. I asked her to cut it short for some time as she would look more beautiful with a short hair style. But she is against cutting her hair short. Her thick plait swings on her butts and she enjoys the touch of her plait on her butts. But once in six months she allows me to trim split ends. Even then I can cut ony less than one inch.

      But one year back Priya found one bitter fact about her hair. Some grey strands appeared here and there in her thick tresses. It caused great worry to her. She sought my advice. What can I tell? The only solution for this problem is dying it black. So I suggested her to apply hair dye. But how? She doesn't like visiting a beauty parlour. So I took up the project of her hair dying.
I bought Godrej hair dye and a brush to dye. On 10th of Jaunary,2006 I dyed her hair black for the first time. Since then I have to take up that project once in a month. So her problem is solved and she stopped worrying about her grey hair.

      One day she returned from her school with a red face. She was very angry with me. For the first time I saw her in such a mood. I asked the reason for her anger. She didn't talk for some time and then revealed the cause. Her colleague in the school noticed that Priya is dying her hair and the colour of her hair is not natural. It was the reason for her bad mood. I could not say any thing. After all what can I do? I tried my level best to cover all her grey strands. But her hair is very long and it is not easy for me to touch each and every strand. I am not a professional hairdresser. I told her the same.But she was not convinced with my explanation. A week passed heavily. During those week days Priya could not behave with me normally. But after some time she realised her mistake. She apoloziged me and requested me to get a solution for this. 

      We consulted a hairdresser who is one of our bank's customer. She also said that there is no permanat solution except dying at regular intervals. But she advised to maintain short length hair so that it would become easier to dye thoroughly. Priya could not digest that suggestion. We returned home with heavy hearts. Two months passed. I dyed her hair twice in these two months. But she is not satisfied with my performance.
She thought very deeply and decided to cut hair short. On a fine morning she expressed her decision. I was shocked to listen to her decision. I asked her if she was sure about it. But she very firm in her decision. She said that she took that extreme decision after a profound thinking. She also asked me to cut it short. She is not willing to visit a salon for this purpose. I told her that her friends may not appreciate her hair if cut it short all of sudden. So I suggested her to go for a short style in four or five phases. She accepted my suggestion. So I decided to cut her hair in a phased manner.

      I bought a cute pair of scissors, a hair brush and a water sprinkler used in salons. It was second Saturday in August. She had no school. I returned from bank in the afternoon. Priya shampood her hair in the morning. When I entered home I saw her sitting on sofa with her long hair spreading on her back. We had our lunch at 1 o' clock. Priya asked me to go for the first cut on that day. She led me to our bedroom and stood before the dressing table. I removed the hair band from her hair. I brushed it thoroughly to clear tangles. Then I sprinkled water to make it damp. I brushed it again. Then I took the scissors in my right hand. I held the end of her hair in my left hand and cut six inches of her silky hair. I brushed it . It was equal at the bottom. She sighed and braided it. After fifteen day or so I cut another six inches of her hair. Like that I cut it four times in three months. It was just below her shoulders.

      Then we decided to go for a final cut. I proposed bobbed cut. Priya readily agreed. On 15th December I did it. It was 8 p.m. After having our dinner we sat for the last go. She sat on a stool before the dressing table. I brushed her hair and took the scissors. Carefully I started cutting her hair from her left side. I manoeuvred the scissors slowly to reach the other side. But I didn't cut very short. It was just above her shoulders. Priya is very happy with her new hair style.

The wish

I am nineteen years old college girl from India. Since a long time I have had this hair fetish. I would always imagine myself with no hair. But I knew my folks won't let me cut my hair.

     There s this neighbor of mine who hails from the southern part of India and is my mother's good friend. She is in her mid-forties and her daughter Vasudha happens to be my best friend. In that part of the country it is common practice to donate hair in return of fulfillment of a wish. She had vowed in Tirupati that if Vasudha got into Medical College they both shall shave their heads.

     The results were out and Vasudha got selected .As vowed, they went to Tirupati and got their heads shaved. Both Vasudha and her mother looked stunning. When they came back Vasudha's mother told her experience to my mother. The same night I had chat with my mom and she told me that if I too made it to the medical college we also could have our heads shaved. This got me so excited that I hardly slept that night. After a month the results were out and I managed to get into the college. My mother remembered her vow and we planned the trip to Tirupati.

      We reached Tirupati and got into a hotel. After resting for a while we decided to go to the temple tonsure hall. My mom and I both had waist length hair. The two of us were wearing salwaar-kameez. Outside the tonsure hall I saw many women with newly shaved heads and this got me very excited. We got the barber tickets and then proceeded to the hall.

      My mom was to go first, but I insisted that I went first. The barber made me to sit before him with my legs crossed. He then parted my hair into two and then wetted it with water. He took the razor and started shaving my head form the front. As heaps of hair began to fell on my lap I started to hit a high. I could not stop but smile. In few minutes I was completely bald. Soon after my mom was done.

From that very moment we decided that we shall get our head shaved once every couple of years.

Tonsure of 3 long haired girls....

Hi,my name is priya.i am 21yr old married women living in chennai.i had thick black well maintained and trimmed hair which was touching my waist.i used to wash my hair thrice in a week and get a trim regularly so that it look even at my waist.i was working in a bank .my husband was working for a security industry in bangalore which was far from he usually comes home at the weekends.he has also put a secret camera in every room because no one will be home during the day times and to catch the burglers if any theft took place .my self and my husband alone only know about this security. he loved my long hair and he will play with it putting ponytails,knots etc for i only live the home during the weekdays.i told this to my mother and she said that make some plans for i .i had a younger sister named ramya ,she had written her higher secondary examinations and was waiting for her results.

                     It was one saturday when myself and my husband were at home doing some work. suddenly a phone call came and i attended the call .it was my mom. she said that ramya wanted to visit chennai and she wanted to enjoy the holidays their it seems.i replied mom that i will go for work in the morning and returned only in the evening and she will be alone in the said that ramya will go out during that time with some of her classmates living in chennai.then priya told that if ramya was interested she can come her and stay for a said that she will come home with ramya and leave her there. priya agreed to that and she hanged up her phone.priya told her husband familly was  going to visit our home tommorow and ramya would stay in our home for a week.

                    It was sunday morning ,at 10.00AM priya parents arrive there in their car and ramya also came.priya was amazed to see ramya and ramya was also amazed to priya .they both hugged each other.priya saw that ramya hair has grown longer and it was beautiful and blackish and also saw another girl coming out from car .priya asked who is she . mom replied that her name is divya . her parents died a few years back .she has no one to look after her and no place to go.she was living with us after ur marriage doing the house works.i brought her here to do your house work and look after the house when u have gone for work.she was having long hair which was below her waist and she plaitted into a singe ponytail.priya was not too happy with her by her looks and she invited her into the home. then divya went into the home and started to do the houseworks.the day went by and all had their lunch and priya's parent  left their home in the evening and priya's husband also left for his job tommorow.finally priya,ramya and divya were at home .divya was given a blanket and a pillow and she was asked to sleep in the hall.the night went by and all had a good slumber that night.

                   Ramya had gone to tirupathi recently and she watched real time women having waist length hair just shered with a straight razor in just few minutes and she became interested in it and she wanted to witness it again and she became a hair enthusiast from that time .though she had waist length blackish her she dont want to cut it because she thought it may destroy her beauty and thought of doing it for the others around her .this was running through her mind and she became very hair was monday evening,that time her sister priya entered her room and she came back from work.she went into the bathroom and had shower. after shower she was drying her hair with the dryer. ramya got more crazy and wanted to shave her sister's hair .she saw that priya's hair was just below her waist and she had trimmed and maintained it well. though ramya thought that priya is her sister she never minded it and wanted to shave her sisters head. she just was waiting  for the right moment to come .at that night at dinner,she had seen divya also had long hair tied into a single ponytail hanging to her waist.she thought that she should also be shaved . and she was putting a master plan for having the two womens head shaved within a week as she may return to her native within a week.

                 It was tuesday morning ,and priya called to her boss and said that she will not come for work today .the boss asked for the reason . she replied that she has to attend a party that evening where her friend is geting married .priya boss told her that she could take leave today and come tommorow for work.she also asked to ramya to get ready for the party this evening.priya asked her to wear her costly saree which she had bought some weeks before.the saree was so costly that she preserved it very very carefully.she took that saree and found out some wrinkles in the saree and she called up divya,house servant and told her to iron it well and told her to be extra careful with the saree as it was costy and she also said that she will get mad and do whatever she want if something happened to the saree.divya noded her head and went to iron the saree.this was heared by ramya and she thought that this was the right moment for shaving one of the women.priya was taking bath.divya started ironing the saree and ramya saw this.ramya went into the kitchen and and put the gas stove on which divya switched off as she was doing the ironing.and she came out of kitchen. and after some time she yelled at divya that some thing is burning in the kitchen.divya kept he iron box aside and ran into the kitchen to see what was that time ramya took the iron box and placed it over the saree which was folded into four pieces.and she went inside the room waiting to see what is going to happen.then came priya from the shower and she witnessed the iron box placed over the saree.she removed the iron box and saw the ironingtable through the big hole which was as the shape of the iron box.she started crying as it was the costliest saree and it was bought by her husband as a present.divya took care of the things in the kitchen and returned for ironing the saree.she was stunned to see what was was happening .the first word that divya utered seeing it was"i didnot do it".priya was speech ramya came and saw her crying sister and she caught her shoulder and moved her to her bedroom and ramya locked the bedroom door.divya was looking very amazed at the things which had happened and she noticed that something was instore for her may be a punishment.she was waiting at the hall to witness what was going to happen to her after they come out the room.

                        In the room had a conversation about a punishment .priya was crying.ramya told that we have to give a punishment for her so that this type of thing would not be repeated.priya was speechless and she got angry and said yes to ramya. she asked what punishment would she give to her.ramya at this moment got happy and said that she was a young girl at this age the best punishment which could be given is a headshave and she also had long hair.priya felt sorry for divya and thinking of the saree she noded saying that we willl shave her head.priya asked that she would not agree to cut her hair.ramya told thatwe can tie her upand give the punishment.priya agreed with ramya and both convinced each other of tieing up her first in the chair.

                      Priya and ramya came out of the room and they were having an angry look.divya was very afraid and she did not know what is in store for her.ramya asked divya to go inside the bed room and wait there.divya without knowing any thing about the punishment she went into the room.after some time they both entered the room and asked divya to take a seat in the chair and she thought that they are going to scold her.she sat and she was listening to priya she said that she did not do it. ramya was not there in the room at that time. then entered ramya  into the room and she came near chair where divya was sitting soon priya also came near the chair and ramya brought a belt and tied divya's body onto the chair.she had never expected this.soon her hands were also tied to the chair with some rope by priya.divya asked what they where going to do to her.they both looked at her angrly.then ramya entered the room with a bucket of water with a mug in it.she dont know what was going soon priya took a cellotape and shut her mouth so that she not shout.priya moved the chair in front of a big dressing mirror through which divya could see her whole body tied inthe chair.priya went and switched on the ac.soon the room was cool.after some time ramya returns with a black box .when she opened it i found a straight razor ,three new blades,scissors.then divya got the whole thing .she knew that her hair was going to be cut.she tried to moved but she was tightly tied to the chair.she could not shout alsoas her mouth was sealed. priya began to remove divya's ponytail and ramya took a white cloth and caped her around the neck.then priya took a hand full of water and placed over divya's head .divya started crying and she was feeling were cool due to ac .after wetting completly she took the scissors.divya though crying ,felt that some of her hair would remain for her she was a little happy. this happiness was short lived .as soon as she went near her hair with the scissors she stopped and they both moved aside and had a little converstion.they returned back.soon priya took the mug with full of water and started massaging the hair.divya was very afraid that she would be shaved .without any hesitation priya took the straight razor and loaded it with a new blade .divya knew that she would be bald within a few minutes and could not do anything.priya caught a large amount of her hair and put it in the front.ramya was standing and witnessing this and she was very happy.she found that divya hair was so long and shinning with water.priya took the razor placed it in crown region and she pulled the razor.ramya began to see a white patch in the middle of the head.divya was crying heavily.soon priya moved the razor over her front head .soon the front portion was over.she looked like a bald old man with long hair in the sides.priya moved to th right and started removing the bangs.and then she moved back to have the backportion shaved .finnaly all of divya's lie in her laps and floor,all hair were long strands.finally priya gave another time razoring over divya's head.then she removed all the rope,belt and the cape. finally removed the cellotape from her mouth. divya looked herself through the mirror and she was a new bald beauty.priya told this was the punishment for destroying her saree.she could not speak and she got up and walked out of the room.

                             Ramya left seeing tonsure and she had it recorded in the handycam.divya went inside the kitchen.priya locked herself in the room.ramya then moved to divya and felt sorry for her .she said that priya was responsible all this.divya grew angry and she told that she will get her revenge.ramya told divya that she also did not like her sister and wanted to leave her.divya was confused.ramya at this moment said "do u want to the same what priya did to u"divya lit up and said yes as she was angry with priya.ramya told that she could shave her head this afternoon by adding this sedative in her lunch and she will become uncouncious and u could have ur revenge.divya asked why are u doing this to ur own sister .ramya replied that she didnot like her and she thinks that she is the beautiful girl around.

                            Lunch was prepared and served in the table by divya and she also added the sedative in one plate. priya did not know that she was double crossed .ramya was already in the table and priya came from the room and asked ramya where is divya .she said that she was crying in the kitchen.priya asked who prepared the lunch.ramya said that it was me who prepared the lunch. without any hesitation she started eating the lunch.after her lunch she went to divya and said that she was sorry for what she did.divya was crying still.ramya had also finished the lunch.priya went out to the hall and she sat for sometime and soon she fell unconcious .ramya went to kitchen and called divya .she also came.they both carried priya to her bedroom where the chair was in front of the mirror with all divya's hair on the floor.the place was untouched after the shave.ramya and divya managed to put priya in the chair. divya took the mug with water and started wetting priya's hair .she massaged her hair for 2 minutes as her hair was long.divya remembered priya coming and askin sorry to her.she felt that priya was her master if she would shave her head she would have no place to go and she utered to ramya that she will not do it.and went into the kitchen and locked her up.ramya wanted priya's head to be shaved and with divya locked herself up she planned to do the headshave by herself and tell to priya that divya did it after she was concious.ramya started putting the same white cape around priya's neck and started massaging her hair.ramya took the same razor and loaded it with a new blade .she started from the back.she kept the razor at the crown region and pulled it downwards and long strands fell from priya's head hten she placed the razor in the crown region.and started goig scr....scrrr.... now the front was over .long strands of priya's hair was on her laps and in the floor.divya's hair was also there in the floor untouched.then she completed her bangs .and ramya saw priya's new shaved plate and she removed the cape and large amount of hair was on the floor both priya's and divya's.

                                Ramya thought that priya would be awake soon and go she thought of going to the shop and return back in the evening.that way she can tell that divya had shaved her head and i was out for shopping at that time.the idea thought by ramya was good,she felt and she left locking the front door.  soon priya got concious and went bizzark when she saw her baldplate.she was very angry and she could not remember anything what happened.she immediately felt that divya was responsible for this and she went searching for her.she was not found and she saw her front door locked.she thought that divya had escaped from the home.priya decided to call the police home.

                         She thought of what evidence she will show to the police when they arrive here.she remembed the security system.she switched on the computer to see what happened in her home.priya was stunned to see the videos recorded by her secret camera in all her rooms.she saw that ramya had switched on the gas stove and placed the iron box over the saree which she thought that divya did it.she went more angry when she saw the conversation between ramya and divya in the kitchen about the sedative.finnaly she was stuck with a final blow.she saw the video where ramya was shaving her head and divya was not in the room.she now noticed that ramya was the culprit behind this and she was burning like a red hot chillie inside.she thought of not calling the police as ramya is her own sister and her career will be spoiled by calling the police.

                              Priya then went and sat in the hall waiting for ramya to come her suprise the kitchen door opened and divya came out with her bald head.though she was angry with priya she went to a suprise seeing  priya's head shaved like hers.she asked who did it.priya with anger told that bitch ramya was behind all this and she had placed the iron box over the saree and shaved my head. divya then told that it was ramya's idea to put the sedative in the lunch.priya said i know all.divya asked how.priya then said about the security system in her home.finally they both realized what happened and got their headshaved.priya and divya where waiting angrly for ramya to return.priya said to divya that we shave ramya's head too like ours.divya without any hesitation noded he head. priya told divya to remian hidden when ramya arrives home.when she arrives home i will take her to my bedroom u come behind with the same belt and rope and we can tie her upin the chair.they were waiting till 4:00pm

                             Finally ramya arrived ,divya was hiding in the closet.ramya saw the angry face of priya sitting in the hall.she went near her and asked what happened and where is divya.priya starred at her and asked her come to my bedroom.she came.divya came out of the closet and sneeked from behind.priya pushed ramya onto the chair.divya was holding her up and priya put the belt over ramya's body and tied her hands to the chair .she could not move.she yelled at priya that divya is the one who shaved your head and not me and she also said that she doesnt know anything.priya switched on the computer and showed her the videos which was recorded by the secret camera in every room. ramya got stunned and said "what is it...?""how did it happen...?''ramya then later realized that they both knew what had happened and she went crying.she begged priya not shave her head and she apolgized that she was sorry and she will go to native now itsely .priya took the cellotape and sealed her mouth like divya. she started crying .priya took a mug full of water and poured it over ramya's head she had long blakish touching her waist.priya started massaging andthe hair was wet enough .ramya started crying heavily.tears started to touch her laps.priay took the same whit cape and tied it around ramya's neck.she then took the same razor and loaded it with a straight razor.ramya's eyes went big.priya grabbed ramya's hair from the crown region and put it in her front
and placed the razor on the crown region and started scr...scrrr..... white patches appear on ramya's head.priya carried on the front. soon the front was completed and large pile of blackish hair fell on ramya's lap and she she started with her bangs and then priya moved back and started scr... scrrr.... on the back of ramya's head from the crown.soon she also become a bald plate.ramya looked at the mirror and her face was rainnig with tears.soon priya removed the capeand all the beautiful blackish hair fell in the that time all the three girls were at the same looked like tirupathi where tonsure would take place.priya removed the belt and rope.ramya ran with tears in to her room an locked it.divya was looking all the time what was happening.priya went and called to her parents and asked them to come tommorow morning and called to her office and said that she wont come for a month.the hair and the chair where untouched.

                                Its wednesday morning,parents arrive.they were stunned to see priya with bald head.they asked what happened.priya explained all the things which happened yestreday and her mother asked where is ramya.ramya came out from the slaped her and said "look what have u done...?".u deserve this after u are not coming to madras to met ur sister.ramya went along with parents and divya was staying with me as she did not worry abt head anymore.saturday came and priya's husband came home.he was stuck with suprise and asked what happened.priya explained it all.priya's husband convinced her by saying that u look gorgeous with bald head.   

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Priya Headshave

Hi na peru Priya madi Andhra Pradesh lo nuzvid ane village. Ma family ki vache sariki Srinivas(Dad) 38 years, Soujanya(mom) 35 years, Priya(nenu) 19 years, Ram(brother)16 years. Naku na hair ante chala istam ippudu na hair hip varaku straight silky ga vundi ma mom di kuda same but koncham curly ga vuntadi,naku Hair fetish na chinnathanam lo vachindi naku cinnapati nundi dad tho patu naku haircut chepinche vallu anta taruvatha naku ooha telisaka ma tammudi ki naku dad ki haircut cheyyataniki ma intiki barber vache vadu. Appati lo naku baby craf veyandi ane vallu dad, tammudu ki dad ki yemo lite hair vunde vidam ga cut cheyinche vallu. Ala na hair fetish peruguthu vachindi nenu 10 years ki pedda manishi ayyaka cutting chepinchatam apesaru nenu cehyinchukunta anna vaddu nuvvu pedda manshivi ayyav anedi mom.Appudu barber vasthe dad ki ram ki cheyyatam chusi happy ga feel aye dhanni. Naku 12 years vachaka barber intiki ravatam manesadu dad ram ni tesukoni haircut ki velle vallu dhani tho nenu chala badha padda chudaleka pothunna ani.Ila vundaga oka sari dad ki kudaraka ram gadiki haircut cheyinchuko annaru kavali ante nannu thodu tesuku vellamanaru sare annanu nenu kuda.Appatike vadiki hair baga perigindi barber shop ki vellaka akkada barber maku chinnapati nundi telusu kada so customers kuda yevaru leru nenu ram tappa barber ram ni chair lo kurchomannadu vadu chair lo kurchunnadu nenu pakkana nunchoni vadiki haircut cheyimannanu ventane ram no naku bowl cut cheyyandi annadu nenu ram tho yenti ra adi ayina dad tidutharu yeppati lagane cheyinchuko annanu.vadu vinaledu barber kuda ponile amma yeppudu oke laga yendhuku ani annadu sare ani convince ayya but lopala naku different look chudali anukunna.Appudu Barber Clippers tesukoni back mottam cut chesthunnadu adi chusi nenu kangaroo tho gundu chesthunnara yenti ani adiga but barber adi yemi kadu ayyaka chudu amma annadu, ala chusthu vundagane ram back sagam bald look vachesindi oka 20 mins lo haircut ayipoyindi lechi nunchoni yela vundi na haircut ani adigadu ram nannu? Nenu chala bagundi ra idi ara gundu hair style laga vundi annanu vadu navvi nannu kuda haircut cheyinchukuntava ani adigadu naku cheyinchukovali ani vunna vaddu tappu cheyinchukokudadu ani cheppi barber ki money ichi intiki vasthunte ram head pattukoni chusthunte bhale bagundi ra ne kotha style ani anna vadu natho dad ki yemi cheppalo ardam kavatam ledu antadu. Nenu cheputha ley ra don’t worry ani antune intki vachesam dad chusi tittatam start chestharu ram ni,nenu amma daggaraku velli adi nene chepincha barber shop lo photo lo chusi vadiki yemi teliyadu ani cheppa appudu mom velli dad ni api sarddi cheputhadi.Ila vundaga naku 16 years vachesai na hair appatike hip length varaku perigindi intha tvaraga yela anukunna appudu ardam ayindi nenu chinnapudu haircut yekkuva sarlu chepinchukunna kada ani.Oka roju nenu headbath chesi hair dry avvatam kosam hall lo sofa lo fan kinda kurchoni vunna intha lo ram gadu vachi abba yenti akka ne hair intha bagundi antu pogidadu naku anandham agaledu vadu na hair tho adatam chusi appudu ardam ayindi vadiki hair fetish vundi ani dhanni bayata pettataniki nenu kavali ani avunu ra chala long vundi maintain cheyyatam koncham kastam ga vundi anna,Vadu adi vini avuna mari haircut chepinchuko annadu.Nenu kudaradu ra mom dad oorukoru yemi cheyyalo ardam kavatam ledu anna.Vadu dad office ki vellaru mom market ki vellindi yelago iddaru leru nenu cut chesestha inthalo apudu vachaka cheppu aantha long hair maintain cheyyaleka cut chesa ani anthe don’t worry mari antha ga tidithe nene cut chesa ani cheppu ani dhairyam ichadu.Nenu yemi cheppalo teliyaka silent ga vunna inthalo ram vadi room loki velli sissors and comb tesuku vachi cut cheyatam start cheyina annadu nenu inka agaleka cheyi annanu but yentha cut chesthav annanu vadu yemo shoulders varaku cut cheyina annadu but appudu nenu Inter(+11) studying antha chesthe andharu nannu yekkiristhru ra ani waist lenght varaku cut cheyi annanu.Vadu ventane yekkadiko chuipnchi comb tho duvvvatam start chesi akkada oka band vesi cut cheyyatam start chesadu sissors sund scrchhhhhhh scrchhhhhh scrchhhhhhh ani vasthunte na body lo yedo teliyani feeling chala bagundi happy ga anipinchindi cutting ayipoyindi akka ani ram gadu annadu ventane hair length chusukoni ok ra ani cut chesina hair pattukoni chusthunte bhale anipinchindi,Appudu ram gadu aa hair naku ivvu akka ani annadu nenu yendhuku ra neku ante appudu bayata paddadu vadiki hair fetish vundi ani chala sarlu na haircut cheyyataniki try chesadu anta but cheppaleka poyadu ante mari ivala yela chesav ra ante time ki aa dhairyam yela vachindo teliyatam ledu annadu but naku lopala happy and nenu hair fetish ani cheppasa vadiki vadu kuda happy ga feel ayyadu.Inthalo amma vachindi market nundi appude nenu hair jeda vesukuntunna adi chusi yenti hair cut chesava hair length taggindi anni adigindi avunu maintain cheyyaleka cut chesa ani cheppa gane tittatam start chesindi inthalo ram gadu vachi nene kavali ani cut chesa annadu yendhuku chesav ante college lo akka ki followers yekkuva ayyaru dhani hair baga long vundatam tho ma class lo vallu eyes kuda dhani hair medhe paddai andhuke cut chesa ani cheppagane avuna ayithe sarle ani cheppi velipothadi,Evening dad vachi chusi nannu aduguhtunte naku bhayam tho yemi cheppaleka ala nunchoni vunte amma vachi antha chepputhadi appudu dad cool avutharu.Three years ayyaka(means now story continues)malli na hair hip length ki perigindi but naku hair fall yekkuva ayindi yendhuko teliyaka amma ni chudu ante chusthadi appudu ardam avuthadi na talla lo pelu vunnai ani sare ani roju na head ki baga oil rasi pelu teyyatam start chesthadi ayina tala antha baga dooradhalu and hair fall yekkuva avvatam tho yemi cheyyalo ardam kaka vunte inthalo ram gadu idhi antha chusthadu. Oka roju mom dad marriage function ki veltharu aa roju naku date so nenu vella kudadu nenu okkadanine vuntanu ani late avuthadi ani ram ni kuda vundamannaru.Nenu Na room lo nenu bed medha padukoni na hair tho aduthu badha paduthunna inthaloki ram gadu vachi akka yendhuku badha paduthav after all adi hair anthe ga ani odharusthu yemi vundi headshave chesuko malli peruguthadi ga hair antadu dhanitho naku malli hair fetish bayataki vasthadi sare ra but ippudu mom dad ki yemi cheputhav ani adiga vadu yemi vundi nijam cheputham ila hair fall tho yenni rojulu badha paduthu vunta andhuke gundu chepincha ani chepu but yekkada chepinchav ani adugutharu kada ante ram yemi vundi street chivara barber daggara chepincha ani cheppu antadu nenu inka appudu sare mari gundu cheyyataniki equipment yedi annanu vadu aready prepare ayyi anni tesuku vasthadu.Nenu na room lo chair lo mirror mundhu kurchoni vunte ram vachi velli headbath chesi ra annadu sare ani ram gadini help cheyi ani adiga vadu happy ga feel ayyadu.Nenu Vadu kalisi bathroom ki velli head medha water tho tadiputhu vunte vadu nuvvu vundu akka nenu chestha ani shampoo rasi headbath chepinchadu,Ayyaka bayatki vasthu vunte water thon a body wet avuthundi ventane ram ni tvarag cheyi na dress antha wet ayipothundi annanu shivering tho chair lo kurchoni na hair ni chusthunna mirror lo vadu intha lo straight razor lo half blade petti yela cheyimantv ani adigadu nenu front nundi back ki antha oke sri cheyimani cheppa vadu sare ani front lo shave cheyyatm start chesadu na scrrrrrrrrrr ani sound na heart ki touch ayindi body lo heat produce ayindi ventane eyes open chesi mirror lo chusa na front head na white ga kanipinchindi.Ventane ram ni yenti ra mari intha white ga vundi ani adiga appudu ram neku dandruff vachindi andhuke baga hair fall vundi ilage oke 6 months bald ga vundi roju lemon pettu head ki pothadi ani cheppadu.Appudu nenu sare kani 6 month bald look tho yela vundedi annanu.Ram appatike half head shave cheyyatam ayipoyindi appudu na face vayipu chusi neku yendhuku bhayam neku istame kada bald look ani antadu nenu navvi naku kadu ra intlo vallaki yela cheppedi ani adigi dhaniki ram nenu vunna kada don’t worry ani anndu.Inthalo na head mottam shave cheyyatam ayipoyindi mirror lo na head chusukunte cue ball la white ga vundi.Malli ram foam rasi head mottamreverse shave cheyyatam start chesadu antha ayipoyaka mirror lo nannu nenu chusukoni baga happy feel ayyi ram ki fore head medha kiss ichha appudu ram chalu anandha padindi naku kuda gundu cheyi annadu.Nenu yendhuku ra ante cheputha cheyi ani bathroom loki velli head mottam water tho baga tadupukoni vachi chair lo kurchoni razor lo inko half blade marchi naku ichadu naku aa happiness lo vadiki gundu cheyyatam start chesa vadiki middle lo nundi back ki geyatam start chesa scrrrrrrrr scrrrrrr scrrrr ani appudu ram bagane chesthunnav experience aa ani adigadu, nenu ha avunu na armpits shave chesukunta ga ani cheppa.inthalo vadi shave sagam ayipoyindi migathadi inko 5 mins lo ayipoyind.Vadiki kuda naku lage malli foam rasi shave chesa.Antha ayipoyaka tammudu na long hair ni cover lo pack chesi vadi room lo dachukunnadu migathadi nenu clean chesi bayata padesa.Intha lo dad mom vacharu iddarini chusi shock ayyi yenti gundu ani dad istam vachinattu tittatam start chesaru appudu ram adi kadu dad akka ki baga hir fall and pellu vunnai adi ala long hair tho badha padtam chudaleka nene adiga hundu cheyinchukomani first akka vaddu annadi tharuvatha tagguthadi ani telisi ok annadi sare ani street chivara barber shop ki vellam athanu gundu chesthundaga thana white scalp chussi adi dandruff valla hairfall ani cheppadu dhaniki solution ilane oka 6 months monthly twice gundu chepisthe tagguthadi ani chppadu appudu thanu okkathe gundu ante feel avuthadi ani nenu kuda chepinchukunna aniclear ga dad tho cheppagane dad cool ayyaru mom yemo na daggaraki vachi badha padaku hair aa ga ayina neku hair tvaragane peruguthadi ani cheputhunte malli ram 6 months gundu cheyinchali akka ki thanatho patu nenu cehyinchukunta yendhuku ante appudu thanu feel avvadhu ani chppadu.Ventane mom nenu haircut cehyinchukunta na priya kosam adi na hair chusi feel avuthadi gundu lo vunnapudu ani dad tho antadi,Dad chepedi yemi leka ok antaru.Appudu mom nannu haircut chesthava ani aduguthadi nenu sare ani sissors tesuku vachi thana hip length hair ni comb chesi shoulders above band vesi cut cheyyatm start chesa scrhhhhhh scrhhhhhh scrhhhhhh chethiloki mom hip length hair ni chusi happy ga feel ayya adi ram chusthunnadu ventane ram ni pilichi bayata padeyi annanu mom mundhu but vadu adi dasthadu ani telusu ni alage vundamani neat ga haircut chesi mirror ichi chusko annanu mom badha tho tear vachesai nenu mom ni hug chesukoni its only hair nothing more than that it will grow back ani cheppagane mom kuda appudu crying apesindi. Aa tharuvatha yeppudu ayithe gundu cheyali anukunte appudu Dad mom bayatki vellinappudu memu iddaram gundu chesukune vallam intlo but vallaki barber shop ki vellam ani cheppe valla

Unexpected Head shave Story of Village Girls

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